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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

The Economy

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. An economy that harnesses the unique gifts and contributions of everyone can ensure America’s best days lie ahead. 

ghost town A tale of ghost towns: How overregulation is destroying rural America

In Pennsylvania, two mining towns are trying to recover from the economic turmoil created by Washington’s overregulation. 

Apartment units How this innovative affordable housing solution addresses high rent one room at a time

PadSplit benefits both renters and landlords alike.

A female massage therapist as seen through slightly parted curtains Occupational licensing reform is a key to economic abundance in states

Less restrictive licensing gives Americans the freedom they deserve to pursue meaningful and successful work.

First Step Staffing is Helping People Overcome Barriers To Employment First Step Staffing is helping people overcome barriers to employment

Seventy million Americans struggle with barriers to employment. This nonprofit staffing agency has a radical solution.

An image showing pieces of the state seals of Ohio, Idaho, and Virginia Idaho, Ohio, and Virginia are cutting red tape and paving the way to economic abundance 

Regulatory reform is a huge task that can be simplified for states.

Why the war on drugs isn’t working — and what America can do instead How 4 organizations found better ways to help low income families

These innovative organizations have ways to help low income families that go far beyond just today’s needs.

A large family in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville being helped by GatherFor GatherFor’s fight against poverty gives new meaning to 'hyper-local'

Meet the nonprofit organizing second families for people experiencing poverty.

An image of a smokestack and wind turbines overlaid with the American flag The U.S. energy consumption debate is all wrong. Here’s why.

Policymakers should prioritize energy abundance, says the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University.

A shot of North Dakota's state capitol building, with three flags, including the U.S. and N.D. flags, in the foreground. Reason’s Pension Integrity Project celebrates major reform in North Dakota

Explore the success story of North Dakota's groundbreaking pension reform, made possible by the Pension Integrity Project at Reason Foundation.

A split screen view of a neighborhood (left) and inside an office (right). What is the 'Abundance Agenda' and what does it mean for you?

Here's how more housing, businesses, and innovation can make the economy work for all.

Genesys Works At Genesys Works, kids doing better than their parents’ generation is the norm

Genesys Works is helping young people redefine “success” and proves there is no one path to a fulfilling life.

Three people, including Pati Jinch, sit at a counter eating food #ThrivingThroughFood: Pati Jinich explores top immigrant-owned D.C. restaurants
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