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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.


Every person should be empowered to discover how their talents and interests can contribute to society, leading to a life of meaning and purpose for all.

A collage of a teacher teaching a class. 70 years after desegregation, schools look the same. Here's a solution.

Segregation is getting worse in U.S. schools. This expert says we’ve been solving the wrong problem.

A collage of students in classrooms What can alternative education methods teach us about learning?

These scholars want to find out what we don’t know about learning. 

Students and teachers celebrating throwing confetti in the air. Look inside the incredible school even MrBeast couldn’t believe

Educators come from worldwide to observe how teachers at this school engage their students.

Sumay and Aila Lu, founders of the online WEquil School and WEquil App The sisters empowering other kids to create and share useful content

The young founders ask, ‘How can you make that into something real that you can share with other people?’

Collage of students engaged in learning alongside Kyle Ellison, founding executive director of the Khan Lab School in Wichita, Kansas. Why is failure important for students?

Disruption and failure in class are seen as negatives at school. Should they be? 

A student engages with her learning. Why parents aren’t settling for ‘old school’ anymore

This scholarship gives something better than hope: freedom.

Tiger Woods with two TGR Learning Labs students What does Tiger Woods have to do with squid ink? Ask a 5th grader.

At the TGR Learning Lab, students get hands-on with STEAM and golf.

Education entrepreneur Sal Khan speaks during an interview. What Apple, Microsoft, and modern education have in common

Free world-class education for all? It’s not a pipe dream, says Khan Academy founder Sal Khan.

A map of the United Sates highlighting Oregon, Texas, Michigan, New York, and Virginia These 5 places are modeling innovative education ideas. The results?

Inventive educators and parents are transforming schools in New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Michigan. Here's how.

A student looks up at the front of her school Debunking 4 myths about school choice

Education freedom is about doing what’s best for all students.

Homeschool Co-ops Are Providing Better Education Experiences Homeschool co-ops are redefining what ‘homeschooling’ looks like

Traditionally, homeschool parents have taught their children on their own. Not anymore.

Sal Khan speaking on stage at a conference hosted by Stand Together. A tutor for every student and assistant for every teacher? Here's how.

Groundbreaking educator Sal Khan wants to revolutionize education — using AI.

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