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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

Free Speech

In an era where fringe voices increasingly threaten to stifle discourse, the First Amendment stands as a crucial defense against societal division and government overreach. Ensuring that diverse ideas can be shared and debated is essential for human progress.

A close-up photo of a hand holding a mobile device. On social media platforms, who’s in charge?

Here's why users should moderate social platforms themselves.

Free Speech Authors Offer Solutions To End Cancel Culture Cancel culture is toxic. Solve it with humility and parenting.

Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott’s new book The Canceling of the American Mind dives into cancel culture’s origins and ways to fight it.

Ways We Can Protect Freedom of Speech Today Social media presents a new challenge to free speech. This founder has a plan.

Protecting free speech online is vital. Free speech expert Jacob Mchangama shares how the U.S. can do that.

CarePortal’s Child Assistance App Connects Families To Support Meet 3 free speech organizations fighting cancel culture

Free speech is under attack. These organizations are pushing back.

The left image shows the front of a brick building, while the right shows a lectern with a microphone FIRE releases 2024 rankings of best, worst colleges for free speech A picture split into thirds, with one piece showing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, another showing a court case, and the third showing a 404 webpage Could SCOTUS break the Internet? A discussion about technology and free speech  A black-and-white photo of a newspaper's printing room Investing in innovation in media and journalism Stock market trend graph Is corporate America vulnerable to cancel culture?

These changemakers offer tools to restore respect, civil discourse, and the marketplace of ideas in business.

A woman writing notes in a pad holding different microphones Young Voices: Training aspiring pro-liberty journalists to succeed in today’s media climate  Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression President and CEO Greg Lukianoff speaks during an interview. How Greg Lukianoff is canceling cancel culture

Cancel culture on college campuses — and beyond — is driving some forms of thought underground. That is dangerous, says Lukianoff.

A crowd of people with their hands raised Bridging political divides and preventing political violence

Key insights from new academic research and top community leaders.

Based Politics graphic with Hannah Cox and Brad Polumbo New next-generation media platform wants to 'make liberty go viral'
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