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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

Strong & Safe Communities

Communities are springboards to success and safety nets for those who fall on hard times — because those who are closest to a problem are often best able to solve it. 

A police officer plays with children on a slide. Can human connection prevent tragedy? This widow believes it can.

This founder has dedicated her life to helping people like the man who killed her husband.

Collage of a person walking down a dark street and a police officer Homicide rates are too high in America. Here’s what we can do.

We already have a key to reducing violent crime, according to this former law enforcement officer turned leading policy researcher.

Photo collage of a mother holding her small child. Her children were taken from her. How one mom turned it around.

Deanna Howell struggled with addiction for years. This nonprofit changed everything. 

Stand Together Senior Vice President Evan Feinberg pictured alongside leaders of The Last Mile program. Dignity, not deficiency: An answer to reducing recidivism

Evan Feinberg offers a principles-based approach to tackling overincarceration and poverty. 

A group of people celebrating. For a selfless former foster youth, a community plans a big surprise

Abel spent years caring for his siblings. Now, it’s his turn to be celebrated.

A stylized image showing a child sitting at a picnic table with both parents missing. Most foster care groups focus only on the children. That leaves a big gap.

Here's how uplifting foster families alongside youth can increase success for everyone.

Brittany Williams, a teen mom, hugs her two young children. The decisive moment for this teen mom: Her toddler was holding a gun.

This nonprofit harnesses teen mothers’ “mommy motivation” to help them build a better life.

Three Juma workers wearing Juma hats and shirts. 5 million Zoomers aren't working or in school. This org is hiring them.

Juma is vending corn dogs and confidence for Zoomers with high barriers to employment.

Government coerces parents and children into searches. One legal group is fed up. Family rights are violated in the name of child safety. A solution?

In New York, authorities show up at the doors of scared parents, coerce them into searches, often without a warrant. 

Two people working together in the kitchen of a restaurant. 3 organizations fighting, and beating, poverty with more than money

Money and supplies are necessary, but helping people escape poverty forever takes something more.

An NHL hockey game Why this Las Vegas executive is creating sober options for everyone

Bill Cheek wants more sober-supportive spaces. Even partakers are poised to benefit.

Cafe Momentum founder Chad Houser teachers interns how to cook. How this 5-star restaurant serves great food and changes lives

Café Momentum’s mission has always been about more than serving meals. It’s just getting started.

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