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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

Constitutionally Limited Government

America is the promise of a diverse, dynamic, and free people. The Constitution provides the framework for achieving it by protecting equal rights and guarding against abuses of power. 

A person's hand holds a gavel up in the air. Prosecutors are overwhelmed. These orgs are taking the pressure off.

How justice that focuses on safer, faster resolution can be more effective — and better for the community — than punishment.

The Supreme Court of the United States with the U.S. Constitution in the background How the new Civil Liberties Alliance is restoring people's constitutional rights

This nonprofit law firm is protecting Americans’ civil liberties and restoring the balance of power.

Moral disagreements Why this professor thinks moral disagreements can bring us closer together

At the Center for the Science of Moral Understanding, Kurt Gray is researching why we misunderstand each other.

A man and a woman next to each other, photographed from the chest up Could AI solve the biggest problem with ‘the right to an attorney’?

JusticeText aims to restore balance to the criminal justice system and redefine what public safety means in America.

Lava for Good panel on stage Podcasts for change: What do wrongful convictions and the War on Drugs have in common? 

A panel of criminal justice podcasters dissects the common threads that feed injustice.

A exterior photo of the U.S. Supreme Court A case for protecting the environment and allowing for reasonable use of property A stock photo of paper faces made up of smaller paper faces Partisan animosity threatens America’s future. There’s a solution.

The Polarization Research Lab collects data on what’s driving us apart and is releasing it, freely, in real-time, to the public.

Woman speaking into a bull horn Undermining free speech won’t save democracy

A bill under consideration by Congress would worsen toxic division in America while claiming to solve it.

Devshi Mehrotra poses for a photo outdoors A CEO’s bold vision to transform criminal justice

JusticeText leverages technology to speed up pre-trial preparation and help defense attorneys give better counsel to their clients.

A person giving a presentation in a meeting room Fulfilling America's promise of equal justice for all

Stand Together partners Gary and Derek Wilson are solving problems in America’s criminal justice system through the Wilson Center.

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