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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

All Stories A group of people celebrate together in a hallway. Finding a job is good. Loving that job? Even better.

Some people believe a fulfilling job is out of their reach. It’s not true.

Sumay and Aila Lu, founders of the online WEquil School and WEquil App The sisters empowering other kids to create and share useful content

The young founders ask, ‘How can you make that into something real that you can share with other people?’

Brittany Williams, a teen mom, hugs her two young children. The decisive moment for this teen mom: Her toddler was holding a gun.

This nonprofit harnesses teen mothers’ “mommy motivation” to help them build a better life.

Collage of a person filling out a college application and other people 2 stories show what happens when we stop relying on college degrees

LaShana Lewis and Brandy Grace were very qualified, but not having a college degree held them back. 

ghost town A tale of ghost towns: How overregulation is destroying rural America

In Pennsylvania, two mining towns are trying to recover from the economic turmoil created by Washington’s overregulation. 

A police officer plays with children on a slide. Can human connection prevent tragedy? This widow believes it can.

This founder has dedicated her life to helping people like the man who killed her husband.

Photo collage of a mother holding her small child. Her children were taken from her. How one mom turned it around.

Deanna Howell struggled with addiction for years. This nonprofit changed everything. 

Stand Together Senior Vice President Evan Feinberg pictured alongside leaders of The Last Mile program. Dignity, not deficiency: An answer to reducing recidivism

Evan Feinberg offers a principles-based approach to tackling overincarceration and poverty. 

A collage of a teacher teaching a class. 70 years after desegregation, schools look the same. Here's a solution.

Segregation is getting worse in U.S. schools. This expert says we’ve been solving the wrong problem.

A group of people celebrate by throwing confetti in the air. This school sounds unreal, but more than 100,000 teachers have visited

Educators come from worldwide to observe how teachers at this school engage their students.

A close-up photo of a hand holding a mobile device. On social media platforms, who’s in charge?

Here's why users should moderate social platforms themselves.

A group of people celebrating. For a selfless former foster youth, a community plans a big surprise

Abel spent years caring for his siblings. Now, it’s his turn to be celebrated.

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