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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

All Stories Three people sit together collaborating with notebooks. How did the Golden State Warriors win 4 titles? They prioritized this.

Companies and employees benefit when there’s robust job mobility that focuses on employees’ aptitudes, not credentials.

Three young girls at a school table cutting paper and engaged in learning What's a microschool? Why focusing on how kids learn is changing education

An MIT engineer noticed his daughter was tuning out at school, so he built a new learning model right out of his kitchen. It’s catching on.

Man explores his new 3D-printed home that is under construction 3D printed homes make housing more affordable, shaking up the industry

Removing unnecessary red tape has allowed one company to develop a concrete solution to the affordable housing crisis.

Two photos, side by side, with one showing a person's head in profile in blue and the other showing a black and white image of a crowd. The dangerous power of 'collective illusions'

Why we must push ourselves beyond the cultural norms that hold us back.

Immigrants waving American flags after becoming U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles Becoming citizens at the famed Dodger Stadium signaled so much more

This Dodgers co-owner wants to show how everyone benefits when America welcomes people who will contribute. He would know.

Two photos -- one of former gang leader Antong Lucky, the other of Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia -- pictured side by side. An ex-gang leader and a police chief joined forces. Here’s why.

This astonishing partnership between a cop and an ex-Bloods gang leader is making the Dallas community safer.

An image of two men standing next to each other on the left, while the right features a side profile of the younger man's face How one founder – inspired by his grandfather – wants to change homeschooling forever

A user-friendly app is opening new pathways to access learning.

A stock photo of paper faces made up of smaller paper faces Partisan animosity threatens America’s future. There’s a solution.

The Polarization Research Lab collects data on what’s driving us apart and is releasing it, freely, in real-time, to the public.

Moral disagreements Why this professor thinks moral disagreements can bring us closer together

At the Center for the Science of Moral Understanding, Kurt Gray is researching why we misunderstand each other.

Two halves of an apple against a mint green backdrop Teacher burnout is a big problem, but not for these educators

Empowered gives teachers the tools to build classrooms on their own terms. The difference for them, and their students, is game-changing.

A man and a woman next to each other, photographed from the chest up Could AI solve the biggest problem with ‘the right to an attorney’?

JusticeText aims to restore balance to the criminal justice system and redefine what public safety means in America.

On the left is an image of an eye on a screen and on the right is someone using a keyboard on a laptop that says "Choose your vision test" Visibly’s digital eye exam shakes up the status quo

Regulatory barriers stunt innovation. When Visibly won approval for its online vision test, a vital new technology entered the market.

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