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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

All Stories Three people sit together collaborating with notebooks. How did the Golden State Warriors win 4 titles? They prioritized this.

Companies and employees benefit when there’s robust job mobility that focuses on employees’ aptitudes, not credentials.

Two photos, side by side, with one showing a person's head in profile in blue and the other showing a black and white image of a crowd. The dangerous power of 'collective illusions'

Why we must push ourselves beyond the cultural norms that hold us back.

Man explores his new 3D-printed home that is under construction 3D printed homes make housing more affordable, shaking up the industry

Removing unnecessary red tape has allowed one company to develop a concrete solution to the affordable housing crisis.

Three young girls at a school table cutting paper and engaged in learning What's a microschool? Why focusing on how kids learn is changing education

An MIT engineer noticed his daughter was tuning out at school, so he built a new learning model right out of his kitchen. It’s catching on.

two women shaking hands The US has the highest recidivism rate in the world. Here's a solution

The Frederick Douglass Project uses face-to-face conversations in prison to unlock possibilities for everyone.

Chicago neighborhood Homicides are down 35% in this Chicago neighborhood. What’s going on?

How did a pastor in Chicago’s South Side get gang members to lay down their weapons? He asked them to.

Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian seated next to each other Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian reflect on their unlikely partnership

Alice honored Kim at a celebration in Los Angeles featuring celebrities and criminal justice reform advocates.

Someone with a prosthetic leg lifting weights The Carrell Clinic Foundation helps patients who are often overlooked

The current healthcare system leaves many behind, including those needing life-changing orthopedic care.

On the left is an image of an eye on a screen and on the right is someone using a keyboard on a laptop that says "Choose your vision test" Visibly’s digital eye exam shakes up the status quo

Regulatory barriers stunt innovation. When Visibly won approval for its online vision test, a vital new technology entered the market.

A black-and-white image of Uncle Sam Overcommitment to NATO turned Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker

Foreign policy restraint, and limiting the burden of NATO, is what will strengthen the US.

Two images side by side of a man working with a service dog. The back of his shirt says "the voice of veterans for freedom and prosperity." How Buddy the service dog is helping vets with PTSD

When Ian Robinson re-entered civilian life, service animals gave him purpose.

A woman in a green top sitting with three young girls on a set of concrete steps. Forget what you know about foster care. Meet CarePortal.

This innovative app connects families in crisis to real-time support in their community.

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