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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

Criminal Justice

Government must protect rights through a criminal justice system, but it also must be limited to avoid violating individual rights. An effective criminal justice system protects public safety, respects human dignity, makes victims whole, and ensures equal justice for all.

Woman talking to incarcerated man Why trust can change the world — if we let it

“I teach students at San Quentin State Prison. Here’s how I earn their trust — against all odds.”

Chicago neighborhood Homicides are down 35% in this Chicago neighborhood. What’s going on?

How did a pastor in Chicago’s South Side get gang members to lay down their weapons? He asked them to.

two women shaking hands The US has the highest recidivism rate in the world. Here's a solution

The Frederick Douglass Project uses face-to-face conversations in prison to unlock possibilities for everyone.

5 Nonprofits Actively Reducing Recidivism 5 nonprofits actively reducing recidivism

About half of people leaving prison or jail will return. These five nonprofits want to change that.

She changed her mind on the war on drugs I changed my mind on how to tackle drug addiction

The founder of End it for Good says the war on drugs has failed. Here’s why.

Why the war on drugs isn’t working — and what America can do instead When it comes to the war on drugs, this foster mom says: End it for good.

It took meeting one family to change Christina Dent’s opinion about ending the war on drugs for good. This is her story.

Two men seen from behind; one man has his hand on the other one's back Innovative solutions to support law enforcement and protect public safety  Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian seated next to each other Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian reflect on their unlikely partnership

Alice honored Kim at a celebration in Los Angeles featuring celebrities and criminal justice reform advocates.

Rayshun Holt at work after receiving a second chance upon his release from prison. Rayshun Holt thought his life was over at 15. Then he found a beacon of hope.

Second chance hiring doesn’t just improve the lives of the formerly incarcerated. It benefits us all.

An incarcerated man reading a book Warden Exchange program equips prison leaders to create rehabilitative prison environments  Man in suit gesturing on stage How a former FBI Cyber Special Agent is improving police-community relations

Andre McGregor created ForceMetrics to improve public safety with a Moneyball-style approach to police data.

A split image showing a prisoner's hands in cuffs on the left and a person's hands clasped in prayer on the right A 96% success rate: How JUMPSTART prison ministry is breaking the cycle of incarceration

JUMPSTART Prison Ministry’s work takes tangible support after prison to a new level, offering transformational opportunities so men and women leaving incarceration can thrive.

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