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Business Investment

Business investors in discussion
Business Investment

Society’s greatest challenges are entrepreneurs’ greatest opportunities. Innovation is the path to solutions.

Stand Together Ventures Lab

Stand Together Ventures Lab is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage founders and entrepreneurs who are solving society's biggest challenges. Partnership takes many forms and may include financial investment, access to industry experts to refine and amplify big ideas, and support that is tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur and start-up. Stand Together Ventures Lab looks for entrepreneurs with transformative ideas and does not target a specific check size or stage.

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Top stories

See the latest stories, ideas, and insights from Stand Together community partners tackling America’s biggest problems through business.

Apartment units How this innovative affordable housing solution addresses high rent one room at a time

PadSplit benefits both renters and landlords alike.

A front-facing photo of Unmudl founder Parminder Jassal. This founder’s alternative to college may change how we view higher ed

A new marketplace offers learners pathways to national and local in-demand careers.

A man and a woman next to each other, photographed from the chest up Could AI solve the biggest problem with ‘the right to an attorney’?

JusticeText aims to restore balance to the criminal justice system and redefine what public safety means in America.

Three young girls at a school table cutting paper and engaged in learning What's a microschool? Why focusing on how kids learn is changing education.

An MIT engineer noticed his daughter was tuning out at school, so he built a new learning model right out of his kitchen. It’s catching on.

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