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Stand Together supports innovative learning models that are tailored to students’ unique needs, and policy reforms that are making them available to all.

Stand Together Trust

Stand Together Trust works toward a future where individuals and families take charge of their education and actively seek out education options that fit their needs and preferences. Through grant funding and access to programs, services, and peer networks, we help education changemakers launch and scale new learning models, advance policy reforms that empower families with more options and control, and increase families’ awareness of, and trust in, alternatives to traditional schooling.

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VELA is catalyzing a vibrant alternative education ecosystem. By providing early capital, access to a thriving community of entrepreneurs, and connections to resources and support, VELA is accelerating the exploration of new frontiers in education. Founded in 2019, VELA is now the nation’s leading community of entrepreneurs providing alternatives to conventional schooling, with thousands of entrepreneurs delivering education solutions that respond to the unique values, priorities, and needs of families.

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yes. every kid.

Founded in 2019, yes. every kid. is a leading advocacy team with a families-first approach to transform America’s education policy landscape. The organization provides policy analysis and direct lobbying to empower families and students to customize their own education. Separately, yes. every kid. foundation. advocates for families in policy implementation and design, and defends families and innovative education entrepreneurs.

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yes. every kid.


Empowered collaborates with teachers who want to transform education to be applicable and real-world relevant. The organization offers educators free access to classroom resources, on-demand training, and a supportive community to bring learning to life – helping students develop a growth mindset so they can overcome obstacles and create opportunities.

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Teacher and students in the classroom

Charles Koch Foundation

The Charles Koch Foundation invests in changemakers who can transform the institutions most responsible for lifelong learning, post-secondary education, and business, empowering people to engage in work that enables them to have the opportunity to live a life of meaning and contribution. That includes funding for research exploring key issues in society and for innovations that empower people to unlock their potential through purposeful work.

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Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity believes freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. The organization’s grassroots, policy, government affairs, communications, political, education, and training capabilities empower millions of concerned citizens in all 50 states to advocate policy changes that increase access to individualized education options.

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Americans for Prosperity
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