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Stand Together tackles the issues that matter most to most Americans. We do that by partnering with inspiring changemakers whose solutions empower people from the bottom up rather than seek power over people from the top down.

The Economy

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. An economy that harnesses the unique gifts and contributions of everyone can ensure America’s best days lie ahead.


Every person should be empowered to discover how their talents and interests can contribute to society, leading to a life of meaning and purpose for all.

Constitutionally Limited Government

America is the promise of a diverse, dynamic, and free people. The Constitution provides the framework for achieving it by protecting equal rights and guarding against abuses of power.

Strong & Safe Communities

Communities are springboards to success and safety nets for those who fall on hard times — because those who are closest to a problem are often best able to solve it.

Future of Work

Every person has unique gifts and potential that are unlocked through purposeful work. Restricting people to roles based on academic pedigree fails us all.

Foreign Policy

America must maintain a strong military to secure vital national interests. But an overemphasis on military forces hurts our security and diminishes our strength. A wiser foreign policy is overdue.

Health Care

Decades of one-size-fits-all solutions have made health care cost too much and deliver too little. Making health care work for all starts with putting people in control with more personalization and choice.

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