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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.


We can't solve America's biggest problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them. Rather than seek power and control over people from the top down, progress requires empowering people from the bottom up.

Mike Rowe Mike Rowe’s podcast sheds light on criminal justice, education, and sobriety

Here are the top takeaways from 6 thought-provoking episodes with some of America's leading changemakers.

An image of a door opening in a dark room and light shining through. Many organizations say they are ‘open.’ But what does that mean?

Why stretching outside our comfort zone is good for society.

A man looking at an event exhibit articulating the principles of human progress A principled approach to solve big problems in our country

Our principles never change, but how we communicate them must to become more relevant to more people.

A group of kids walking arm in arm together How should nonprofits measure success? It starts with the right metrics.

Measuring nonprofit impact with a customer-first mentality could change everything we think about success.

How To Set Organizational Goals & Motivate Your Team These 4 changemakers have tips on how to motivate your organization in 2024

How do we set meaningful organizational goals for 2024? The start of a new year often means evaluating how to distill vision into realistic, achievable goals, and how to inspire the whole organization to push in a shared direction.

Net Promoter Score survey question Listening beyond the Net Promoter Score

While NPS is widely used to measure customer satisfaction, a more holistic view is needed. Here's why.

The keys to nonprofit fundraising. Start small! 4 pro tips from changemakers on how to secure funding for nonprofits

The trick to find nonprofit funding can feel like a moving target. These changemakers offer their advice for how to get it done.

Unpacking the empowerment paradigm What is the empowerment paradigm? The YOU Effect breaks it down 

Empowering individuals is the future of philanthropy, says Evan Feinberg on the YOU Effect podcast.

A group of people huddling together. Empowerment 101 Ebook: A new paradigm for nonprofits

How to identify strengths, find blind spots, and weave the empowerment paradigm into your work for better results.

Philanthropic leaders at Aspen ideas Festival 2023 What is pluralism? Stand Together CEO Brian Hooks at Aspen Ideas Festival  

Key takeaways from Hooks and other philanthropic leaders' discussion regarding the importance of pluralism in solving societal problems.

Downtown Boxing Gym founder Khali Sweeney 4 organizational secrets from top changemakers doing the work

Want to learn how to become a successful nonprofit? Click here for tips for successful nonprofits & help with nonprofit planning for a new year.

"Change Ahead" painted on a road Accelerating adaption to change in a rapidly changing world

A conversation with Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer.

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