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Solutions to America’s biggest problems are emerging all around us. See the inspiring leaders behind them, and how their bottom-up approaches are transforming people’s lives.

Health Care

Decades of one-size-fits-all solutions have made health care cost too much and deliver too little. Making health care work for all starts with putting people in control with more personalization and choice.

A woman sitting in a low-lit bedroom looking at her phone Are we too focused on the wrong things when it comes to mental health?

Mental health care is too narrow, possibly worsening the crisis. These changemakers have a plan.

How Can We Fix the Mental Health System in America? More therapists won’t fix the mental health care crisis, but this can

Peer support may be the key to transforming mental health care. So far, it’s working for millions.

Text describing a certificate of need law is interspersed with the image of a medical professional in scrubs and cap Hidden harms of ‘Certificate of Need’ laws

States with CON laws have higher prices, fewer medical facilities, and inferior patient outcomes.

A smiling man in a suit sits in front of a wooden backdrop with the logo "Texas Public Policy Foundation" Rising health care reformer charts a path for young professionals and policy reforms  

Tanner Aliff is a policy and health expert transforming America's health care system. Here's how.

Image depicts a group of people holding each other in a circle. Give an Hour is increasing access to mental health care. Here’s their secret.

Can community members support each other’s mental health? It already is, and it's closing a big gap.

Outschool logo Primary care physician shortage is a big problem. Can it be solved?

Reforming scope-of-practice laws, increasing medical acceptance rates, and enhancing telehealth are good places to start.

A silhouette of someone with short hair seated on a hospital bed How the Promise Fund of Florida puts women in control of their health care

Removing cultural barriers that stand in the way of early detection and breast and cervical cancer prevention is the first step toward better health outcomes.

A nurse pushes a man in a wheel chair in a hospital Training the next generation of principled, free-market policy reformers Someone with a prosthetic leg lifting weights The Carrell Clinic Foundation helps patients who are often overlooked

The current healthcare system leaves many behind, including those needing life-changing orthopedic care.

The image shows a text message that says "911 What's your emergency?" and a person holding a smartphone 6 facts about accesSOS, a text-to-911 app that gets you the right help

The accesSOS app is poised to offer both accessibility and badly needed help for emergency services.

Barber with scissors in each hand 5 mental health nonprofits offering innovative solutions

These mental health organizations are proving that solutions start locally.

A woman talks to a doctor on her cell phone during a telehealth appointment Expanding telehealth is common sense, 21st century health care reform 
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