Stand Together Foundation Launching Up to $30 Million Initiative, Empowering 100 Nonprofits Fighting Poverty to Scale their Transformative Solutions to Ending Poverty in America

Catalyst Impact Grant Program will help nonprofits fighting poverty accelerate their impact and transform how society thinks about ending poverty in America.

Arlington, Va. (October 20, 2022) – Stand Together Foundation, a philanthropic organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming communities in America, today announced an up to $30 million initiative to support 100 nonprofits fighting poverty accelerate their impact and transform how society thinks about addressing poverty and social barriers.

Stand Together Foundation, through its flagship Catalyst Program, has identified and partnered with hundreds of the most effective nonprofits fighting poverty in the country that represent an empowerment approach to tackling poverty. Instead of treating people as problems to be managed with sweeping, top-down plans, these organizations truly empower people to realize their full potential.

Now, Stand Together Foundation is helping the most promising of these empowerment organizations take their efforts to the next level and demonstrate to the country that empowerment works better than top-down control. The initiative – Catalyst Impact Partners – will support a select group of leading organizations that have the potential to transform philanthropy. These organizations focus on a wide range of key issues – from education to child and family well-being to health care to public safety to female and minority entrepreneurship, and more.

Catalyst Impact Partners will receive access to a new customer-first measurement approach Stand Together Foundation has created to understand and differentiate their impact. They will also receive Principle Based Management coaching and consulting and a grant for as much as $300,000 over three years to grow their impact. 

To date, 25 Catalysts have been selected to join the Program. By 2025, Stand Together Foundation’s goal is to welcome 100 Catalysts to participate.

“Our Catalyst partners take a unique approach to helping people overcome barriers that is anchored in a strong belief in people,” said Evan Feinberg, executive director at Stand Together Foundation. “This initiative is about deepening our partnership so that Catalysts can scale their reach, better understand their impact, and ultimately transform the way society thinks about addressing social barriers. If these organizations continue to grow in their effectiveness, and everyone in the country hears about what they are doing, we can transform the entire social sector in America.”

Catalyst Impact Partners will be expected to:

  • Model a “customer-first” impact vision. Catalyst Impact Partners will participate in Stand Together Foundation’s pioneering measurement approach to understand impact through customer feedback. 
  • Advance a management culture that empowers employees. Catalyst Impact Partners will focus on leveraging Principle Based Management to empower their employees to empower the people they serve. 
  • Build the movement toward empowerment. Identify with and advocate for an empowerment paradigm among philanthropists, non-profits, and the broader social sector.

Click here to view a list of the first 25 Catalyst Impact Partners who are breaking the cycle of poverty in America. Click here to learn more about the program.

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