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Economic Progress

A solution for America’s affordable housing crisis

ICON 3D-printed homes are paving the way for affordable housing. Click to learn just how Icon’s 3d-printed homes are solving the affordable housing crisis.

Simone Biles’ gold medals are only part of her amazing story

Simone Biles advocates for foster kids through “Friends of the Children.” A former foster care kid, Simone Biles’ charity work connects foster youth to mentors.

Meet the engineer with a radical fix for poverty

The “Samaritan App” offers resources for overcoming homelessness. Click to learn how the app addresses the epidemic of homelessness.

Bridging Divides

The Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian story 

Alice Marie Johnson and Kim Kardashian recounted how they met and what’s driving their criminal justice efforts five years after Alice was freed from prison.

Society’s “collective illusions” mask a hidden truth

“Our society has gotten to the point where you can’t question, you can’t provoke. You just have to adhere to consensus,” says Rose. He explains that this is dangerous because it silences honest conversation about whether specific norms are actually beneficial. 

An ex-gang leader and a police chief joined forces. Here’s why.

Former gang leader Antong Lucky & the Dallas police are joining forces to address violent crime in Dallas, building trust for a safer community. Learn more.

Health Care

Solving the mental health epidemic among kids 

How do we address the mental health epidemic in schools? One solution: Focus on the importance of play in a child’s development. Read more.

One veteran’s fight to reform mental health services

A combat veteran & former VA social worker has seen barriers to health care for veterans firsthand. She now pushes for veterans health care reform. Learn more.

Affordable eyecare breakthrough reveals a hidden problem

Health care trendsetter “Visibly” wins years-long battle for FDA approved online vision test, one step in progress towards affordable eye care for all.


The rise of microschools across America

Prenda is transforming K-8 education with a scalable, affordable microschool model that individualizes learning for more students than ever before.

A solution to America’s teacher burnout problem 

44% of teachers say they are burned out at work, which is higher than employees in any other industry. Learn how educators are overcoming teacher burnout.

How to make postsecondary education work for all 

Transforming postsecondary education would help millions of Americans realize their full potential. Here are some ideas to get us there.

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