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Stand Together helps social entrepreneurs supercharge their efforts to help people improve their lives. We connect them with passionate partners and the resources necessary to make a greater difference.

Through our philanthropic community, we tackle some of the nation’s biggest challenges so that every person has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Kaleigh helps young people in poverty see their unique potential
Carrie's research discovers how to help people re-enter society out of prison
Antong is a former gang leader helping at-risk youth live free of violence
Michael supports students to access higher education and become lifelong learners
Kaley helps people recovering from addiction transform their lives
César unites people to remove barriers to opportunity through policy reforms



Stand Together exists to empower those dedicated to the betterment of themselves and others. We believe that, with the right mindset and support, anyone can improve their life and meaningfully contribute to the lives of others.

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If you're working to solve a huge problem in our country, we want to help

The Stand Together community helps equip social entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to dramatically increase their effectiveness and impact. Because progress comes when millions of people get engaged: bottom up, not top down. It’s the only way. Whether you’re looking to start a new organization, launch a new initiative, or grow what you’ve already built, our community is here to help.

“In just one year of partnering with the Stand Together community, we have been able to help nearly twice as many people in recovery from substance use disorder. Together, we’re helping people transform their lives.”

Scott Strode, founder and executive director of The Phoenix Scott Strode, founder and executive director of The Phoenix

Want to support the most effective groups in the country? Let's partner together.

The Stand Together community has vetted thousands of organizations to find the country’s most effective social entrepreneurs who are making a real difference. We’ll help you find an opportunity with them to invest your time, talent, or treasure in a way that maximizes your impact.

“I am accomplishing so much more investing in education as a partner with the Stand Together community than I ever did on my own.”

Art Ciocca, business leader and philanthropist Art Ciocca, business leader and philanthropist

Stand Together to help every person rise

We live in a period of unprecedented progress—economic, social, technological—but not everyone has shared in that progress. While many people have gotten ahead, too many people are falling behind.

This is the biggest challenge of our time. Let’s tackle it together. There’s no silver bullet, but here are five things we must do. Click any of the following for stories of people driving real solutions that work:

Complex social problems require comprehensive solutions

How do we know? See one more story of impact that shows what’s possible when we tackle a big problem from all angles.

Fight for equal justice for all

Greater your good.

If you’re a social entrepreneur looking to start a new venture or want to increase your impact and effectiveness, find out how we can help connect you with the necessary support and resources.

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