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Stand Together is ensuring an excellent education for every child and supporting educators nationwide

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Stand Together is ensuring an excellent education for every child and supporting educators nationwide

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Too often, kids are asked to be something they're not. Tests measure the wrong things. Teachers aren't given credit for their passion. And, families are left without hope.

That's why the Stand Together community works with educators, families, and students to transform our nation's K-12 system to create an environment that reflects the individuality of every student – and every educator. Because the purpose of education isn't to create the "average student," or measure success based on a test score. The purpose of education is to empower every kid to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities and to live a life they find rewarding.

What does that look like in practice?

Stand Together invests in partners who support every kid and educators who have a passion for each student. We support more than 90 programs that bring new ideas and resources to the fore to supplement current offerings in traditional schools.

Some of these programs include:

In each of these examples, the Stand Together community works within the traditional K-12 system and outside of it to help students receive the individualized education they deserve and help educators access the resources they need.

Better serving students and creating a more just and open K-12 education system requires all of us to be open to change, embrace innovation, and seek out new ways of creating an education system focused on the individual child. That's why Stand Together also supports 4.0 Schools, a K-12 incubator that helps teachers, principals, and innovators launch new K-12 ideas like Uncommon Construction and Electric Girls – education models that reach outside the classroom to educate students in unconventional ways.

Transforming K-12 education so that it serves every student and educator requires a new way of thinking about reform—and abandoning the us vs. them debate that's dominated the conversation about K-12 education for the past 30 years, and instead working with all stakeholders - educators, parents, and students - to find common ground around shared values about the purpose of education.

Our goal is simple: Ignite a learning revolution that taps into the talents of educators and unlocks the gifts of every student.

Learn more about Stand Together's education efforts and explore ways you can partner with us.

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