Focus Issue

How education can help every learner realize their unique potential

Our partners are showing how one-size-fits-all education holds learners back — and how individualized education can empower all.

Collaborative platform for teachers improves virtual learning
COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but they have made space for innovation in education and invited new solutions to the table as parents, teachers, and educators re-imagined how curriculums could be delivered to students beyond classroom walls. More
Racial Justice
Stand Together partners with the LeBron James Family Foundation to break down barriers in education
I PROMISE Huddle advocates for increased access to quality education for students. More
Revolutionizing learning with free “intelligent” textbooks
Since 2012, OpenStax, developed at Rice University in Houston, Texas, has helped 9 million students get a college education by offering free textbooks online. That’s no small matter, given that the cost of textbooks rose a whopping 1,041 percent from 1977 to 2015. More

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