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Issues with the American Education System & How to Re-Imagine Education to Empower Students

Our partners are showing how one-size-fits-all education holds learners back — and how individualized education can empower all.

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A high school run by students: How One Stone in Boise is reimagining education with purpose
One Stone in Boise is a high school run by students. Click to learn how One Stone’s student-run school is reimagining education with non traditional schooling. More
VELA Education Fund invests in the entrepreneurs who are transforming the future of education from the ground up
VELA education fund is showing us how investments in innovation can transform education. Click to learn more about new ways of approaching education and philanthropy. More
Transforming education: Why K-12 education could look very different in the near future
A new study tells us why we should be embracing new models of education. Click to learn more about transforming education & the future of K12 education. More

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