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You have big ideas. We have the capabilities including funding, a national network, and proven principles to help you go grow.

A Community with Shared Values

Tackling big problems can be lonely and hard. Don’t do it alone. When you partner with Stand Together, you join a community of your peers who share your values and help you solve the problems you’re most passionate about.

Making a Difference that Lasts

Treating the symptoms of our country’s biggest problems helps people get by. Tackling the root causes of what’s holding people back helps everyone thrive. Stand Together helps you do both, ensuring your efforts today make a difference that lasts.

Partnership with the Stand Together community is tailored to you. Learn more by choosing the path best suited for you.
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A Greater Role

You want to do more to help people improve their lives, but don’t know how or where to start. Learn how you can play a greater role.


Get More Involved

grow my nonprofit
Proven Strategy

Are you ready to take your nonprofit to the next level? Stand Together has 20+ years of experience and proven strategies to help.


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Better Funding

The traditional grantor-grantee relationship can be constraining. We individualize grants to your needs, not the other way around.


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Scale my for-profit

Investors are critical to scale. So are partners who can help you grow. The Stand Together community offers both.


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Stand Together’s vision is for a society where every person can realize their potential and live a life of meaning.