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Watch how this hands-on school transforms a boat into a classroom

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Watch how this hands-on school transforms a boat into a classroom

The innovative school SailFuture takes a unique, but transformative approach to discovering talents. 

Students working on a construction project

SailFuture Academy is a tuition-free private school in Florida that takes the “hardest to reach” students, helps them identify their interests, and then builds a curriculum around those interests so they can find and create their unique paths toward success.   

What makes SailFuture different: It recognizes each student has unique gifts to share and that more students can thrive if they’re given the environment to discover those strengths. 


Innovative Florida private school SailFuture exemplifies the wave of change coming to K-12 education. Frustrations with the status quo and better alternatives are pushing parents to look for alternatives to the traditional school model.


Learn more about SailFuture:

  • Go deeper on SailFuture’s secret sauce for transforming education 
  • Learn how four students and instructors found their way at the innovative school 
  • Discover why there’s a movement of families choosing alternatives like SailFuture 



SailFuture Academy is supported by Stand Together Foundation, which partners with the nation’s most transformative nonprofits to break the cycle of poverty 

Learn more about Stand Together’s education efforts and explore ways you can partner with us. 

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