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Free Speech and Peace

How to unleash a new era of progress

Our partners are showing there’s more that unites us than divides us — and that free speech and collaboration are key to moving America forward.

Silhouette of faces facing away from each other
Free Speech & Peace
Partisan animosity is a threat to democracy. This new polarization research lab aims to fix it.
The Polarization Research Lab is a cross university project that is helping to end political animosity & violence by using real time data. Click here. More
People standing looking towards the sunlight
Free Speech & Peace
New Pluralists & other local-based efforts help bridge divides
Communities like New Pluralists are overcoming violent extremism & intolerance to bridge divides. Click to learn about how to bridge divides. More
One America Movement group photo
Free Speech & Peace
One America Movement – Faith based community bridges divides
Faith-based community “One America Movement” is working to bridge social & political divides. Click for more on how to bridge the divide in America. More

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