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Free Speech and Peace

How to unleash a new era of progress

Our partners are showing there’s more that unites us than divides us — and that free speech and collaboration are key to moving America forward.

Bridging Divides
Tips to make space for civil discourse at your holiday table
The holidays are an opportunity for sharing food and gratitude with loved ones. It can also be a forum for heated discussions, both political and personal. While our holiday gatherings will look different than normal this year, there’s still plenty of room for conversations in small gatherings or over video chat. More
Bridging Divides
Philanthropic leaders join together to support civic engagement and prevent political violence
The number of Americans who say they’re willing to resort to violence to achieve political ends remains small, but that number is growing at a time when deep divisions have come to characterize our country’s political system. More
Bridging Divides
With online discussion, author Colum McCann tests the power of virtual empathy
Can you build empathy in a virtual world? Empathy is perhaps the most elusive human emotion. Feeling and experiencing the feelings of others requires a stronger connection than can be achieved through a computer screen. Doesn’t it? More

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