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Criminal Justice

How to fix a broken criminal justice system

We’re helping partners prove that ‘tough’ vs ‘soft’ on crime is a false choice — and that ‘smart on crime’ is the better path.

Bridging Divides
Stand Together helps advance second chance employment
Stand Together joined other major national organizations as founding partners of the new Second Chance Business Coalition (SCBC), an effort committed to expanding hiring and advancement practices for people with criminal records. More
Criminal Justice Reform
Data-driven criminal justice reform
When it comes to criminal justice in America, most of us agree that reform is necessary. But how can we ensure that we are not just making change for the sake of change, and that the laws we do enforce are working? Clementine Jacoby and her team at Recidiviz have a fascinating answer to this question — and an innovative technology solution to bare. More
Reforming a broken criminal justice system
Criminal Justice Reform
Reforming a broken criminal justice system: Stand Together strategy in action
For decades, the United States has addressed the criminal justice system in two narrow ways: You’re either tough on crime or you’re soft on crime. But that approach has only led to false choices and a broken system. More

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