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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Focus Issues

We’re helping partners prove that ‘tough’ vs ‘soft’ on crime is a false choice — and that ‘smart on crime’ is the better path.


There are many things wrong with the criminal justice system: too many people are being sent to prison, trust is eroding between communities and police, and society is paying a terrible price in both wasted dollars and ruined lives. Stand Together is empowering partners to show how to fix a broken criminal justice system, one that decreases prison populations, improves public safety, and offers second chances to those who deserve them.

Clementine Jacoby, Founder and Executive Director of Recidiviz poses for a photo outdoors
Criminal Justice
Scattered data keeps people ‘in the system’ too long. Recidiviz is helping.
Recidiviz is using data to help with reducing mass incarceration rates. Click to learn more about the criminal justice reform nonprofit. More
Jason Wang of FreeWorld sitting on a loading dock
Criminal Justice
Employment for formerly incarcerated Americans poised to transform an industry
“FreeWorld” provides employment for formerly incarcerated people. Click to learn about this nonprofit helping people who have been in prison. More
Group walking side by side down a dirt road
Criminal Justice
These changemakers are improving police community relations: Their progress so far on fixing what’s broken with the policing system
Changemakers are helping to improve police community relations. Click to learn how they are fixing what’s broken with the policing system. More

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