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From a 6% to a 65% Graduation Rate


Are you looking for new ways to scale your impact?

This week’s success story features an organization that’s helping people transform their lives faster than they dreamed possible. Read on to learn more, and download our how-to guide to discover other top-performing nonprofits’ secrets to scale – including how you can apply these insights to your work too.

Every 26 seconds…

That’s how often a student drops out of high school in America.

For Donyae Wyatt, it looked like this was inevitable.

Donyae’s from Baltimore. His grandparents raised him but died when he was a teenager. Leaving him with no support system…and hardly any family.

His GPA dropped to under 1.0.

Looking at the data, that gave him just a 6% chance of graduating high school in four years.

But then something remarkable happened. Watch Donyae’s story:

Volunteers stay involved for 10 years?

The group that helped Donyae is called Thread. They connect young people facing the most barriers with volunteers in their community.

These volunteers sign up to help for at least a decade.

What does this mean?

It means they actually forge an extended family together. A “thread family” built on trust, respect, and mutual assistance. (The volunteers grow enormously from these relationships too!)

And it means transformation is possible:

Students who enroll with Thread go from a 6% to 65% graduation rate.

The power of principles

Thread is built around a core principle: a deep belief in people.

Remember: They focus on youth who are struggling the most in life. We’re talking high school students – which seems pretty late in the game.But Thread believes:

  • Every person has unique gifts.
  • Every person is capable of transforming their lives.
  • Every person can contribute positively to their community.

This relentless belief in people is not only how Thread has such an impressive success rate…It’s how they are expanding.

For more on how they’re doing it, download the how-to guide we made just for Stand Together subscribers. (It includes key insights from two other organizations – one is on track to help 1 million people transform their lives and the other is on track to 10x the size of their non-profit.)

I sincerely hope this story and guide are valuable to you. Thanks for all that you do to make our society better.

Clay Broga
Stand Together

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