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This breakthrough battery could power a zero-emissions future

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This breakthrough battery could power a zero-emissions future

This company thinks they’ve found a cheap, reliable way to store solar and wind energy.

Man holding a battery cell


Antora, a hard-tech company, is attempting to revolutionize heavy industry’s energy dependence through a unique carbon-based battery system. This innovation tackles the major challenge faced by renewables: inconsistency. Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels, but its power generation is unpredictable.

Antora’s solution is a solid carbon battery capable of storing large amounts of energy during periods of high renewable output, enabling continuous, reliable energy supply. This has the potential to significantly reduce the heavy industry’s emissions, which currently account for around 30% of global emissions. Compared to lithium-ion batteries, Antora’s carbon battery offers similar energy storage at a fraction of the cost.

This technology could potentially drive a shift in the energy landscape and a re-industrialization in the US powered by renewable energy. Despite regulatory challenges, Antora envisions a future of universal access to abundant, clean energy.

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