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Ready to rebound

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Ready to rebound

Chrysalis has a life-changing approach to overcoming chronic unemployment and offers a program to help people find and keep a job.

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While millions of Americans are prospering in today's economy, far too many people are stuck or falling behind financially. Chrysalis, a nonprofit in Southern California, is helping to change that.

Mark Loranger, CEO of Chrysalis, found that a lot of people want to work but lack the core skills to qualify for a job or don't know how to find one. Three-in-four of Chrysalis' clients lack secure housing, and more than half have a criminal record—making it even harder for them to find stable employment.

To overcome this problem, Chrysalis offers a program to help people get ready for, find, and keep a job. They help their clients build skills and confidence, both through intensive case management support and immediate employment opportunities.

After completing Chrysalis' program, 91 percent of graduates increase their monthly income, and 70 percent secure long-term jobs.

Donald Smith recalls when he first stepped into Chrysalis' door: "It was life-changing. After ten years in prison, it put me in a mindset of… I want to be a better provider for my family."


When the Stand Together community began partnering with Chrysalis in 2016, it had been 17 years since they last expanded. Within just 18 months, they had already opened one new location—and by 2020, they'll have opened two more and will have doubled their impact.

"I can't imagine a better place to be as a nonprofit leader, to have somebody say: you're moving too slow, we want to help you grow faster," said Mark.

Chrysalis is just one of three dozen workforce development programs supported by the Stand Together community. Their success proves that every person can contribute when they have the right tools and support.

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