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Athletes, business leaders, and entertainers share inspiration and insights on Stand Together LIVE

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Athletes, business leaders, and entertainers share inspiration and insights on Stand Together LIVE

Stand Together's Instagram Live Show "ST LIVE" gains national following.

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Stand Together launched an Instagram Live show that aims to ignite hope and inspiration and provide people with a way to directly support vulnerable communities struggling most during this time. 

Stand Together LIVE, hosted by former NFL athlete and entrepreneur, Dhani Jones, features a series of conversations, performances, and masterclasses featuring some of the world's top performers. 

These guests have realized their success by empowering others while overcoming tremendous barriers in their own lives to get to where they are today. Influencers from all walks of life—from entertainers and athletes to business leaders, and philanthropists—have joined the show to share their life stories and experiences, seasoned with purpose, optimism, insights, and inspiration, custom-designed to help each of us rise even in the midst of the pandemic.

The all-star guests are using their voices to raise money for #GiveTogetherNow—a rapid-response initiative that has raised more than $100 million in cash. That money will be directly invested into nearly 300,000 families whose finances are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics discussed are especially critical now in the wake of COVID-19, such as navigating uncertainty, identifying your unique gifts and talents, overcoming obstacles, succeeding by helping others, and exploring how community has impacted their lives and work. 

Check out the recorded episodes below and be sure to follow Stand Together on Instagram to receive notifications when we go LIVE and to not miss a second of inspiration as we continue these conversations.

Episode 21: Tyron Woodley on overcoming odds to reach the top

Professional welterweight mixed martial artist, TV analyst, actor, and rapper, Tyron Woodley, joined Dhani to discuss how the challenges he faced as a kid helped shape who he is today and allowed him to become a change agent for his own success.

Episode 20: IN-Q on creating connection through human story

Songwriter and National Poetry Slam champion, IN-Q, joined Dhani to talk about his work in sharing the human story and connecting people despite their differences. He also shared his insights on identifying your unique voice and using that voice for good to communicate and empathize with others.

Episode 19: Daymond John on finding entrepreneurial passions

Daymond John, founder and CEO of FUBU and co-star of the television show, Shark Tank, joined the show to talk about his journey as a successful entrepreneur, author, and TV personality—and to share tips and tricks to empower you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Episode 18: Randy Jackson on using passions for good

Award-winning producer and former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, discussed how he first got involved in the music industry and how he's now now using his passions to help fight obesity rates in low-income neighborhoods through the Randy Jackson Childhood Obesity Foundation.

Episode 17: Sanya Richards-Ross on overcoming setbacks

Retired Olympic gold-medalist Sanya Richards-Ross joined Dhani Jones on to discuss her life as an Olympic champion and mother. We also heard her tell her story of being an immigrant in America and how the setbacks she's faced in her career and personal life helped shape her road to success.

Episode 16: Brandon Farbstein on spreading empathy

As a young child, Brandon Farbstein was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism called metatropic dysplasia and overcame many challenges in his childhood. Brandon is now an empowerment speaker, and he joined Dhani to discuss his advocacy work against bullying and his goal of sharing his unique story and mission to spread empathy.

Episode 15: Canaan Smith on recognizing beauty from pain

Country music singer and songwriter, Canaan Smith, experienced significant loss in his childhood when his brother was killed in a car accident. He discussed with Dhani how he's used the power of music to heal, and we also got a sneak peak at one of his new songs!

Episode 14: Jay Harris on overcoming doubt by diving in

Longtime ESPN broadcaster Jay Harris spoke with Dhani about his incredible career and some of his lessons learned—like overcoming doubt, creating empathy, and navigating the changing landscape of sports media.

Episode 13: Demario Davis on living a purpose-driven life

NFL player Demario Davis spoke with Dhani about what motivates him on and off the field — particularly his mission to live a purpose-driven life through criminal justice reform work with Stand Together, the NFL Player's Coalition, EVERFI, and United Way.

Episode 12: Pati Jinich discusses how culture and heritage inspires passions

Chef Pati Jinich joined Dhani Jones for a conversation about being the change you want to see in the world, along with a culinary discussion and cooking demonstration. Pati spoke about the uniting power of cooking, creating positive change in the world, and how her heritage and culture inspires her passion.

Episode 11: Tracey Edmonds on overcoming adversity to find success

Award-winning producer, filmmaker, and businesswoman Tracey Edmonds shared how her humble beginnings helped with her meteoric rise in media. Tracey spoke about about the early experiences that propelled her to success and how her mother pushed her to take risks and pursue her true talents even though Tracey hadn't recognized them yet in herself.

Episode 10: Andrew Zimmern on how to better yourself and others

Before Andrew Zimmern was a well-renowned chef, he struggled with addiction and homelessness. In this episode, Andrew talks to Dhani about how his Minnesota community showed up for him and set him on the right path. With their support and encouragement, he recognized and harnessed his true gifts for cooking and sharing his experiences.

Episode 9: Dara Torres on staying motivated and strong

Olympic gold-medalist Dara Torres talks to Dhani about using her athleticism and strength to inspire others. Dara also helps lift others up by supporting cancer research and encouraging people to be healthy by sharing accessible at-home workouts.

Episode 8: Shawn Johnson talks community resilience during difficult times

Former Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson, spoke with Dhani about how communities are resilient and rally together in tough times, which is actually what inspired her incredible career. Shawn spoke about how her community came together to rebuild her local gym just one week after it flooded, and how that type of community resilience is exactly what's needed to overcome this crisis.

Episode 7: Brandon Graham speaks to the power of community support

In this episode, NFL star Brandon Graham talks with Dhani about the challenges of this crisis and the power of community. Brandon realized early on that his raw talent would only take him so far — it was the support of his community that took him even further down the field. Now, he's doing his best to repay that kindness by providing food to hospitals on the front lines and supporting the #GiveTogetherNow campaign.

Episode 6: Jimmy Chin sharing tips on shifting perspective

In episode six Dhani spoke with professional climber, photographer, and film director, Jimmy Chin, who talked about tapping into his passion for adventure to build a unique career path. Both climbing and adventure photography involve seeing things from a new perspective and keeping a positive mentality, and Jimmy shares tips on how we can keep that same focus during these times of fear and uncertainty and push through isolation to better ourselves and others.

Episode 5: Dhani Jones and D-Nice sharing stories to bring people together

In episode five, Dhani spoke again with DJ D-Nice, but this time he was the one in the interview seat. For Dhani Jones, his gift is bringing people together and drawing out their incredible stories. DJ D-Nice talks with Dhani about why he's always looking for ways to lift others up.

Episode 4: Spice Adams spreading laughter, joy, and positivity

In episode four Dhani spoke with Spice Adams, former NFL player and founder of No Plan Productions, who talks about the power of community and shares how his family and sports mentors helped him rise out of poverty in Detroit. Spice reminds of us the importance of lifting each other up during times of hardship through laughter, joy, and positivity.

Episode 3: D-Nice using his unique talents to impact the world with Club Quarantine

Episode three featured DJ, producer, and photographer D-Nice, who took his gig hosting dance parties online with Club Quarantine in an effort to stay connected with friends and family. His virtual party has now become a world-wide inspiration for thousands. D-Nice talks about the importance of community and what it takes to create one online.

Episode 2: Nancy Lieberman and TJ Cline on playing from the heart

Dhani spoke to Olympian, hall-of-fame basketball player, and Big 3 coach Nancy Lieberman and her son, TJ Cline, who plays power forward and center for the Israeli National basketball team. Nancy spoke about her entry into basketball and how she fought to become one of the best basketball players to grace the court. She and her son also share an at-home workout to help you stay active and healthy during COVID-19.

Episode 1: Tez Bryant on navigating life without a blueprint 

Stand Together LIVE launched its new series with a conversation between Dhani Jones and celebrated hip-hop manager, Tez Bryant, who's ignited the careers of great artists that include Lil' Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and G-Eazy. Tez talks about how he achieved success by helping identify talent in others. As we write the blueprint for our own future in these uncertain times—as individuals, as communities, and as a nation—we can be inspired to look for ways to identify uniqueness in those around us and build others up. 

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