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Building a community of inspired people that bridge divides, build trust, and collaboratively address racial injustices by restoring human value and dignity.

Replacing division with unity

Racial injustices erode our communities and prevent everyone from flourishing—but social division prevents us from finding real solutions. Heal is a collaboration between Stand Together Foundation and organizations committed to the process of redemptive healing.

The pathway to justice starts with people 

In 2018, the late Bishop Omar Jahwar held the first Heal America tour to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his principles of nonviolence. The response was overwhelming, helping Heal America quickly grow from a series of local conversations into a community of changemakers nationwide. 

Finding healers everywhere 

Heal America finds and empowers local healers—including citizens, activists, and leaders—who are closest to the problems in their own communities. It provides funding, develops tools, and organizes public gatherings to facilitate the pursuit of justice.

Stand Together Foundation and Heal America aim to build an ecosystem of 1 million+ people in the next five years who practice redemptive healing in their communities.

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Community change from the inside out 

The most effective way to disrupt cycles of violence and division is to offer a better alternative. Urban Specialists equips changemakers who have street cred in their communities to de-escalate conflict and promote peace.

Stand Together Foundation and Urban Specialists hope to end the cycle of urban violence and conflict in communities nationwide.

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Featured partners

Stand Together Foundation partners are recognized as among the most innovative and effective nonprofits in America. Below is a snapshot of our current partnership network.

Help every person heal

Join us as we rebuild our country’s social fabric.  

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