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A growing network of principle-based nonprofits driving social change.

A disruptive paradigm for the social sector

Across the country, thousands of community organizations work to help people transform their lives — but they often lack the resources, knowledge, and support they need to grow. Catalyst provides an opportunity for top-performing nonprofits to influence the way society thinks about, talks about, and tackles poverty.

The Catalyst Community

Stand Together Foundation partners with more than 320 of America’s most effective nonprofits. With solutions as unique as the communities they serve, Catalysts are breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that traps far too many Americans.

The Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program is a selective six-month management and leadership development experience designed to unlock the potential of America’s highest-performing nonprofits. Each participant gains: 

Guidance for vision development
Individualized management and leadership coaching
Access to measurement and evaluation tools
Tools and frameworks for decision-making
Tailored storytelling training
Access to a peer network of nonprofit leaders

Local change, national impact

The Catalyst Community is led by nonprofit leaders and organizations with a proven track record of building stronger, safer communities by empowering people from the bottom up. We help fuel their innovation, expand their reach, and amplify their impact nationwide.

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The Catalyst Impact Grant Program

The Catalyst Impact Grant Program invites the most impactful Catalyst organizations to take their work to the next level. Each participant — known as a Catalyst Impact Partner — is offered three years of support to expand their efforts and demonstrate the effectiveness of the empowerment paradigm at scale:

  • A $300,000 grant over 3 years
  • Personalized Principle Based Management™ coaching and consulting
  • Expanded partnerships and promotion from the Stand Together community
Top stories Two people working together in the kitchen of a restaurant. 3 organizations fighting, and beating, poverty with more than money

Money and supplies are necessary, but helping people escape poverty forever takes something more.

Cafe Momentum interns at a food truck Why youth impacted by the justice system served food during Super Bowl week

Café Momentum’s interns showcased how justice-impacted youth are transforming their lives – and sparking a national movement in the process.

A mother holds her newborn child How can we help newborns recover from addiction? Keep them close to mom.

Just 24% of babies born with substance withdrawal go home with their biological parents. But in this program, 85% of moms and babies heal together — and it could radically change how we approach addiction care.

Solutions for Change empowers families to work on their own recovery. The nonprofit where 76% of people experiencing homelessness break the cycle

Solutions for Change empowers people to work on their own recovery.

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