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Unlocking the power of entrepreneurship in under-resourced communities so people can build prosperity for themselves and their neighbors.

Removing roadblocks to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities have limited access to capital, lack a strong business network, and face systemic challenges including discrimination and bias. Build is a collaboration between Stand Together Foundation and organizations empowering individuals to chart their own path to prosperity and purpose.

Cultivating potential

Individuals can only achieve so much on their own. The Build collaboration promotes cultures of entrepreneurship, including local leaders, residents, and business owners, so communities can grow together. 

Enabling generational wealth

Businesspeople need more than a good idea to thrive. Good Soil, founded by T.D. Jakes, empowers entrepreneurs with “seeds for success,” including business resources, courses, mentorship, and a network of like-minded peers. It aims to increase generational wealth and employment opportunities by partnering with future business leaders.

Stand Together Foundation and Good Soil are on a mission to build a network of 1 million+ Black and minority entrepreneurs in the next decade.

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Sustainable growth for all 

Small businesses are more than a source of income for the owner. They create jobs for others, increase family stability, and boost the economy. Rising Tide Capital provides low- and middle-income families and individuals with the tools they need to fund, launch, and grow sustainable businesses. 

Stand Together Foundation and Rising Tide Capital are partnering to scale and empower underserved individuals with entrepreneurship in major cities across the country.

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Featured partners

Stand Together Foundation partners are recognized as among the most innovative and effective nonprofits in America. Below is a snapshot of our current partnership network.

Help every person build

Join us as we support cultures of entrepreneurship nationwide.  

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