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15 nonprofit partners join the Stand Together community

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15 nonprofit partners join the Stand Together community

The Stand Together Foundation welcomes 15 of the most effective nonprofits across the country into its Catalyst Program

August 20, 2020
Melinda Hollandsworth speaking to a group of young children

The Stand Together Foundation welcomes 15 of the most effective nonprofits across the country into its Catalyst Program, a cohort-based management and peer-networking program to encourage innovation, deepen impact, and expand reach. 

These nonprofits are working to break the cycle of poverty in our country, and they are chosen based on the innovative ways they think about, talk about, and tackle poverty. Rather than simply helping people endure poverty, these organizations are helping individuals escape it and reach their full potential. 

Take Sarah, who lost her job and ran into huge financial troubles until she found Cara, a Stand Together Foundation nonprofit partner that helps those experiencing poverty obtain, retain, and advance in quality jobs.  

Or Christina, a single mother of three who went from living under a bridge after losing her job, to owning a home in Beloit, Wisconsin, because she found Acts Housing, a nonprofit partner empowering low-income individuals to turn their dreams of homeownership into reality.  

The six-month Catalyst Program is a management and peer-learning program that equips leaders with training and resources to tackle their most pressing challenges and business objectives through coaching and support of their peers and experts in the field. These leaders learn Market-Based Management, a proven business management philosophy and framework. 

"We are thrilled to welcome 15 new game-changing organizations into the Stand Together Foundation Catalyst network," said Evan Feinberg, executive director of Stand Together Foundation. "These 15 organizations represent social entrepreneur-led nonprofits that believe in people and empower them from the bottom-up. We are excited to help these organizations grow, scale, and replicate so they can help more people transform their lives and inspire others to follow their lead." 

The program is just the start of an opportunity for long-term partnership with Stand Together Foundation, including management coaching, leadership development, and operational support. It strives to create an environment where ideas can be shared and impact can be amplified through connection and collaboration, including access to a community of entrepreneurial peers, influential philanthropists, and top business leaders across the country.  

The programming for this newest cohort launches September 15, 2020. Below is a full list of the new nonprofit organizations being welcomed into our community: 

To read inspiring stories of our social entrepreneur partners, visit Stand Together news and stories.  

Photo credit: Erica Baker
Photo description: Nonprofit leaders network during the Catalyst Program summit in San Diego.

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