Health Care
How the Promise Fund of Florida puts women in control of their health care
Promise Fund of Florida provides women with access to healthcare & breast cancer prevention by removing barriers that prevent early detection. Learn more. More
Economic Progress
How Friends of the Children changes the lives of children in foster care with three simple words
Poverty mentoring programs could be the solution to helping people overcome poverty. Click to learn about the importance of mentorship when overcoming poverty. More
LAAMP shines a spotlight on student collaboration, hard work, and the connections to break into the music industry.
LAAMP was designed by the legendary producers behind Stargate. It’s revolutionizing non-traditional music and arts education.
LAAMP empowers musicians with individualized arts education, mentoring from hitmakers, and a network to succeed in the music industry. Click to learn more. More
Criminal Justice
A 96% success rate: JUMPSTART Prison Ministry ensures people who leave prison don’t return
Can prison ministry help incarcerated individuals break the cycle? Click to learn more about Jumpstart’s prison ministry program. More
Children of Positive Tomorrows
A look inside Positive Tomorrows, a school exclusively for children experiencing homelessness
Positive Tomorrows is one of the only schools in the U.S. exclusively for children experiencing homelessness. Click to learn more. More
Marc M. Howard, founder of the Frederick Douglass Project
Criminal Justice
The Frederick Douglass Project brings everyday people into maximum security prisons. Here’s why.
The Frederick Douglass Project is helping incarcerated individuals by providing reentry resources, support for incarcerated individuals, & more. Click here. More

Press Releases
The National Sheriffs’ Association received a grant from Stand Together Trust to improve jail operations for returning citizens. Learn more! More
May 16, 2023
The Last Mile, an organization that helps incarcerated individuals reenter society, announces a $10 million gift from Citadel CEO. Learn more! More
May 10, 2023
Stand Together and Learning Lab Wichita announced Khan Lab School for education entrepreneurship, empowering education innovators to collaborate and grow individualized learning concepts for local students. More
May 4, 2023
Stagecoach Festival 2023 has partnered with 1 Million Strong to host a sober-supportive wellness tent. Click here to learn more. More
April 24, 2023
The New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival is featuring a 1 Million Strong Sober-supportive wellness retreat to promote recovery. Learn more! More
Stand Together Foundation partners with TD Jakes Enterprises to launch Good Soil Movement to inspire black entrepreneurs. More
April 13, 2023
Stand Together Trust and MovementForward launch a national campaign, helping officers meaningfully engage with the communities they serve. More
February 16, 2023