People from Give An Hour embracing each other
Health Care
Give an Hour is increasing access to mental health care. Here’s their secret.
Give an Hour is a mental health nonprofit that provides no-cost counseling through a network of volunteer mental health professionals. Learn more. More
Abstract image showing people who challenged cultural norms
Free Speech & Peace
Society’s “collective illusions” are becoming more dangerous. Here’s how we change that.
“Our society has gotten to the point where you can’t question, you can’t provoke. You just have to adhere to consensus,” says Rose. He explains that this is dangerous because it silences honest conversation about whether specific norms are actually beneficial.  More
3 children at a microschool learning next to each other
Prenda and the rise of “microschools” across America
Prenda is transforming K-8 education with a scalable, affordable microschool model that individualizes learning for more students than ever before. More
Army veteran Chris Enget holding a photo
Foreign Policy
The war in Afghanistan ended two years ago. Here’s one veteran’s reflections.
The war in Afghanistan ended two years ago. Here’s how one Afghanistan veteran has processed the war, his transition out of service, and his new purpose as a veteran More
Abstract photo of an apple cut in half next to a full apple
Teacher burnout is a big problem, but not for these educators. Here’s why.
44% of teachers say they are burned out at work, which is higher than employees in any other industry. Learn how educators are overcoming teacher burnout. More
Economic Progress
How do nonprofits measure success? It starts with the right metrics.
How do nonprofits measure success? Measuring nonprofit impact with a customer first mentality could change everything we think about success. Learn more. More

Press Releases
In Between Days Festival & 1 Million Strong have teamed up to create a sober supportive festival space. Click to learn more! More
Alice Marie Johnson honored Kim Kardashian with the Champion of Justice Award at an event celebrating five years of her freedom. Learn more! More
June 9, 2023
1 Million Strong was featured in, Pollstar, Billboard, & L.A. Times Instagram for their sober supportive wellness tents. Learn more! More
May 26, 2023
The Last Mile is helping people thrive post-incarceration with $10 million in support from Stand Together Foundation & Citadel. Learn more! More
May 17, 2023
The National Sheriffs’ Association received a grant from Stand Together Trust to improve jail operations for returning citizens. Learn more! More
May 16, 2023
1 Million Strong is partnering with Just Like Heaven & Cruel World festivals to bring a free sober-supportive wellness retreat to both events. Learn more! More
May 11, 2023