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Celebrity Chef Pati Jinich and Stand Together Launch ‘Thriving Through Food’ Video Series Highlighting How Communities Unite Through Food

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Celebrity Chef Pati Jinich and Stand Together Launch ‘Thriving Through Food’ Video Series Highlighting How Communities Unite Through Food

Video series features immigrant-owned restaurants in Raleigh and Atlanta.

June 6, 2022
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Arlington, Va. (June 3, 2022) –Celebrity Chef and TV personality Pati Jinich, in partnership with Stand Together, is releasing 'Thriving Through Food,' a video series aiming to show our common ground on immigration that uses culinary traditions to highlight how Americans can be united by our shared story of people coming from all over the world to contribute to our country.

The four short films, released June 3 – 24, 2022, feature Pati cooking with immigrant-owned restaurants in Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA. Each unique story highlights how food can connect people and help them discover the beauty of different cultures and traditions.

Tune in to Pati's Instagram (@patijinich), to watch 'Thriving Through Food.' Follow along with her Instagram Reels for teasers from the video series and updates.

Video release dates

June 3 Buena Papa Episode, Raleigh, NC

June 10 Curry in a Hurry Episode, Raleigh, NC

June 17 Arepa Mia Episode, Atlanta, GA

June 24 Heirloom Market BBQ Episode, Atlanta, GA


June 3 Buena Papa – Raleigh

Background: Johanna and her husband share the foods and flavors of Johanna's native Colombia served on a very approachable American staple – fries. The fries are so familiar that people are willing to try, and once they do, they start to explore more and more. All of the items are familiar to people who have had Latin food – but the Colombians versions are all a little different. From the beans to the chorizo, to the cheese. They import key ingredients including the fruit juices from Colombia to share their culture here. Even the menu is designed to help customers learn to order in Spanish.

June 10 Curry in a Hurry – Raleigh

Background: Alaksha shares a simple and delicious dish she remembers from growing up in India - Butter Chicken. She loves it for its flavors, because it's a way to introduce people to Indian food, but mostly because it reminds her of growing up in India and cooking with her mom. Alaksha doesn't write down any of her recipes, they're all in her head. Butter Chicken – and all the items on their menu – are just the foods she makes for her family. Growing up poor her family sometimes struggled to afford food and she never wants people to experience what she did. In addition to helping a charity that feeds students called Backpack Buddies, she explains how students from a nearby school sometimes come to their food truck and she can tell they don't have enough money for what they want. She loves to give them food because she feels "It's [her] time now to give back"

June 17 Arepa Mia Episode – Atlanta

Background: Lis Hernandez shares the story of her history with arepas - a toasted corn pocket popular in Venezuela. Growing up in Caracas Lis and her mom made their living selling arepas on the street. When she settled in Atlanta, she loved learning about the food Americans were drawn to. She says that much of southern cooking shared similar flavors as what she grew up with and she knew she wanted to introduce her home cuisine. Starting as a pop-up, then a shop in a food hall and now finally a standalone brick and mortar shop, Arepa Mia is introducing people to the flavors of Venezuela. 

June 24 Heirloom Market BBQ – Atlanta

Background: Jiyeon and Cody, husband and wife owners of Heirloom BBQ. Jiyeon grew up in Korea (and had a career as a K-Pop star before becoming a chef). They serve Southern BBQ with Korean flavors and sides. The blend of these two cuisines feels natural to them and has been a way to introduce people to flavors like miso, gochujang, or kimchi. Cody: "All American food is immigrant food." They will share how they infuse miso in their brisket, and experience KFC - Korean Fried Chicken which was street food in Seoul adapted to the palettes of American GIs.



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