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Inspiring Back to School Videos

It’s back to school season, so we wanted to share with you some videos of inspiring education changemakers. Below are some of our most popular videos with readers like you that demonstrate powerful and innovative solutions in communities across the nation.

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, an entrepreneur – or all of the above – we hope you find insights in these powerful stories and are refreshed to start the new school year.

unCommon Construction

“If we want to prepare kids for the real world, we need to give them an education that actually happens in it.”

That’s the founder of this incredible New Orleans-based nonprofit, which takes kids out of the classroom and puts them onto a construction site. High school students learn skills like critical thinking, communication, and responsibility – setting them up for success for the rest of their lives. With the support of Stand Together Foundation, unCommon Construction is now scaling its unique program to Minneapolis, MN.

Schools of the Future

Sal Khan: Our current form of education is almost 200 years old. What should the schools of the future look like?

Redlining in Education

How do we eliminate racial injustice so every American can reach their full potential? The education system is one place to start.

How Do We Keep Our Best Teachers from Leaving the Classroom for Good?

Teachers are quitting at the highest rate on record. But this remarkable
program is giving teachers hope, with 98 percent saying they’re more effective than ever. What makes it so special?

The Future of Higher Education

It turns out people don’t want education that treats every kid exactly the same. But here’s the good news: There are incredible institutions of higher education that are treating students like the individuals they really are.

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