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Health Care

It’s time to reimagine health care

Decades of one-size-fits-all solutions have led to higher costs and less access. Building better health care for all starts with personalization and choice.

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Stand Together joins COVID Commission Planning Group
The Covid Commission Planning Group (CPG) will organize a National Commission that builds a foundation to understand the global impact of COVID-19 and how to protect against future public health catastrophes. More
Reimagine Health Care
A far-sighted solution for vision care
Visibly makes eye exams easy, for patients and doctors alike. In just a few simple steps, the telehealth company’s online vision test – also available as a mobile app – can check a patient’s eyesight and recommend any necessary prescription changes. It’s a convenience that has never been more needed than in the past few months, when access to in-person care was difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions.  More
Reimagine Health Care
New nationwide campaign aims to allow more patients to access care — and it’s working
America’s medical professionals are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, working tirelessly to treat countless patients around the country. Now more than ever, they need greater flexibility to deliver care to those who need it.  More

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