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Future of Work

Future of Work

Every person has gifts and potential. Shifting how our country empowers people in the workplace is key to unlocking them to the benefit of individuals, employers, and society as a whole.

Transforming human potential through work

Stand Together’s vision for a society where every person can realize their potential requires empowering people to discover purposeful careers.

Unfortunately, people are directed to jobs based on one-size-fits-all education and workforce pathways. While a 4-year degree is right for many people, it’s not the only or appropriate path to success for many others. Employers that hire based on degree rather than talent limit the opportunities and miss out on the contributions of millions of Americans. And policymakers who distort incentives in favor of traditional degree programs inhibit innovation and choice.

The Stand Together community aims to improve how businesses identify and support talent and how people think about what it means to find fulfilling work. We’re doing this by partnering with employers to change their hiring practices to focus more on individual aptitudes and mindsets rather than credentials, supporting and growing awareness of alternatives to a traditional college education, and advancing policy reforms that change how postsecondary education and job training are financed.

A group of people celebrate together in a hallway. FEATURED STORY Finding a job is good. Loving that job? Even better.
Real solutions, lasting change

The Stand Together community is partnering with employers, educators, policymakers, and education entrepreneurs to transform human potential through work.


States have eliminated or are in the process of removing degree requirements for public-sector jobs.


Companies now have the tools to implement hiring and advancement strategies based on skills and mindset.


Working people have been linked to new career opportunities through alternative education and workforce training models.

Featured partners

Stand Together community partners are recognized as among the most innovative and effective organizations in America. Below is a snapshot of our current partnership network focused on the future of work.

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Top stories

Get inspiring stories, ideas, and advice from changemakers who are transforming the future of work.

Collage of a person filling out a college application and other people 2 stories show what happens when we stop relying on college degrees

LaShana Lewis and Brandy Grace were very qualified, but not having a college degree held them back. 

A group of people celebrate together in a hallway. Finding a job is good. Loving that job? Even better.

Some people believe a fulfilling job is out of their reach. It’s not true.

A collage two photos side-by-side: One shows a student holding a degree in their hand. The othershows a person hammering a nail into a piece of wood. Our approach to higher education could use a reset. Here’s how.

We need a system of lifelong learning that aligns with the needs of both students and employers.

A collage of people sitting in chairs speaking during a conference. Employees aren’t finding purpose at work. These 3 big ideas would help

Three simple changes would build a system where people and businesses reach their full potential.

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