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Aloe Blacc
Music, Sports & Entertainment

Stand Together Music, Sports & Entertainment strives to be the leading partner for artists, athletes, and industry leaders who want to solve America's biggest problems by empowering people.

Turning culture into change

Culture has always been a catalytic force for positive change. Yet, for many inside the music, sports, and entertainment industries, it is difficult to know how to make truly transformative social impact. We partner with artists, athletes, and industry leaders with shared principles who want to make a bigger difference on the issues they're most passionate about, from artists including Aloe Blacc, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Hermansen (“Stargate”), to athletes and organizations including Demario Davis, LeBron James Family Foundation, and Tiger Woods’ TGR Foundation, and leaders in the entertainment industry including Oak View Group and Live Nation.

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Peppermint Club showcase
Top stories

See the latest stories, ideas, and insights from Stand Together community partners who are tackling America’s biggest problems through music, sports, and entertainment platforms.

How To Have Fun in Sobriety Beyond Dry January Beyond Dry January: The initiative that makes choosing sobriety fun every month

Music and sobriety don’t always mix. Thanks to 1 Million Strong, there are more choices.

LeBron James Family Foundation and Stand Together Foundation Are Empowering Communities The LeBron James Family Foundation and Stand Together Foundation host The Huddle to transform communities 

LeBron James Family Foundation and Stand Together Foundation partners recently met in Akron, Ohio, for The Huddle, an inspiring event showcasing how bottom-up empowerment offers a better path to transforming communities.

Group of sports players in a huddle together at Devoted Dreamers NFL linebacker’s story inspires work that unlocks youth potential

The Devoted Dreamers Academy is designed to unlock potential in outstanding young students and, ultimately, in society.

LAAMP shines a spotlight on student collaboration, hard work, and the connections to break into the music industry. LAAMP was designed by the legendary producers behind Stargate. It’s revolutionizing non-traditional music and arts education.

LAAMP’s approach to music and arts education values individual talent and hands-on experience over the bureaucratic standards of many education programs. Get ready for a whole new generation of hits.

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