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Stand Together partners with entrepreneurs at the intersection of media and social impact – elevating important issues and informing how people tackle them.

News media and journalism

News media and journalism are undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation. Stand Together partners with changemakers tackling this challenge head-on, including support for innovative business and content models that can be viable, trusted sources of information and offer a diversity of viewpoints.

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Film and distribution

Entertainment media has the ability to provide a fresh perspective on the causes of, and solutions to, the greatest challenges of our time. Stand Together partners with filmmakers and those in the entertainment industry who are turning their creativity into societal change.

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Content creators

Stand Together partners with creators and invests in the infrastructure that can propel new ideas to the forefront, like many that originate in the creator economy. As innovation democratizes information and lowers barriers to entry, we believe new ideas and new platforms are essential to change our country for the better.

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Top Stories

See the latest stories, ideas, and advice from Stand Together community partners tackling America's biggest problems.

Mike Rowe Mike Rowe’s podcast sheds light on criminal justice, education, and sobriety

Here are the top takeaways from 6 thought-provoking episodes with some of America's leading changemakers.

Todd Rose and Mike Rowe pictured together Is college necessary for success? Todd Rose and Mike Rowe discuss

Our education system is at a crossroads. Why rethinking college could be the answer.  

A black-and-white photo of a newspaper's printing room Investing in innovation in media and journalism A woman writing notes in a pad holding different microphones Young Voices: Training aspiring pro-liberty journalists to succeed in today’s media climate 
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