Charles Koch and Brian Hooks: Solving America’s problems from the bottom up

In a USA Today piece published Nov. 17, Charles Koch and Brian Hooks write that all Americans can help solve America’s toughest problems from the bottom up, where we can empower everyone to use their unique gifts to contribute to society. Millions of Americans believe there must be a better way forward, and there is. Sometimes, it starts with the people we least expect — and we all have a role to play. Contrary to a pervasive top-down approach, people aren’t problems to be solved. They’re the source of the solution. The social entrepreneurs we work with at Stand Together are often best suited to find solutions to society’s toughest issues because they have personally discovered the answers. What America needs most in this challenging year is a deep belief in people and the willingness to unite to do right and find common ground, so every person can unlock their potential and contribute in their own way. It’s how we can find the best solutions to our toughest challenges.

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