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ICYMI: How nonprofits can come through the Great Resignation stronger

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ICYMI: How nonprofits can come through the Great Resignation stronger

Stand Together Foundation Executive Director Evan Feinberg's latest column in Forbes.

February 8, 2022

This article was originally published by Stand Together Foundation.

In his latest column for the Forbes Nonprofit Council, Stand Together Foundation’s Executive Director Evan Feinberg tackled a topic that’s top of mind for every social entrepreneur in 2022: hiring and retaining staff. As consequences of the “Great Resignation” ripple across the workforce, many nonprofit leaders are worried that they won’t be able to compete with larger, better-funded for-profit companies.

That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, Evan suggests that nonprofits have an opportunity to lean into their cultural strengths and attract high-value team members—even if they can’t fund major pay raises.

“Pay isn’t the only factor, or even the decisive factor, in why people choose to work in the social sector,” Evan writes. “ The American Workforce Index has decisively shown that employees want a workplace that trusts them, recognizes their unique talents, respects their insights and gives them the autonomy to make a difference through their work.”

How can nonprofit leaders cultivate that kind of workplace? Evan suggests that they start by empowering their teams. That means unlocking every employee’s full potential, fostering individual development, and providing avenues for empowering work.

Read the full article on to see five ways to create an empowerment-based management culture.

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