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Statement from Stand Together CEO Brian Hooks regarding the violence at the U.S. Capitol

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Statement from Stand Together CEO Brian Hooks regarding the violence at the U.S. Capitol

Violence is never an acceptable way to address a disagreement in this country.

January 7, 2021
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Violence is never an acceptable way to address a disagreement in this country.

The violence within the U.S. Capitol today is the shameful and predictable consequence of reckless and dishonorable actions to overturn the voters' clear decision in this election. And it represents the polar opposite of the values upon which our country was built.

The peaceful transition of power is one of the most essential aspects of our constitutional order and, indeed, our free society. It's the most visible way we assure people that they can openly disagree without fearing for their lives or livelihoods, that government is constrained, and no person is above the law.

Without that basic and shared understanding, the freedoms that give life to the prosperity and community that Americans enjoy cannot persist. Societies that rely on violence to settle disagreements prioritize violence. And that means there can be no rule of law, no equal rights, no expectation of justice.

Today we saw that our liberal order, our free society, our civilization is fragile.

But it is also resilient. This evening, Congress reclaimed the Capitol from the mob to complete its constitutional obligation and certify this election. So must we all reclaim the civility and respect that our country requires of us.

At Stand Together, we have committed to work with anybody to do right and nobody to do wrong. And in this moment that means we must redouble our efforts to bring people of good faith but different perspectives together to do the hard work to help more fully realize the promise of our country.

Published: 1.6.2021


Additional information about Stand Together's past work and statements on related issues:  

Over the past few years, Stand Together, Charles Koch Institute and Charles Koch Foundation supported the work of many organizations to help prevent and prepare to address political violence. Prior to the election, Stand Together joined a group of nearly 100 philanthropies who came together to advocate for a peaceful transition or continuation of power following the election. AFP published a similar statement several days before the election. On November 19th, in a Fortune op-ed, Stand Together's Founder, Charles Koch, congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and called on every American to do its part to solve problems. AFP's statements on the certification of the election and condemning the violence at the capital.  

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