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Foreign Policy

Creating a Better Foreign Policy in the U.S. – One That Actually Makes America Safer

Both parties have pushed a foreign policy that undermines our security and forces our troops to do too much. Our partners are showing a better way.

U.S. Capital
Foreign Policy
The United States has many ‘quasi alliance’ relationships. Here’s why that matters to you.
The United States has many ‘quasi alliance’ relationships. Learn why our ‘quasi-ally’ connections may not be as beneficial as they seem. More
Nate Anderson, executive director of Concerned Veterans for America, on stage
Foreign Policy
A better foreign policy that keeps America—and Americans—safe
Click here for a discussion on why addressing foreign policy is so important and how this community is committed to ending endless wars. More
John Brynes in tactical gear and camo face paint
Foreign Policy
An Iraq War veteran on how his perspective has changed over two decades
Iraq War veteran John Byrnes shares his perspective on war 20 years after Iraq. Click to learn his view on wars then vs. now. More

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