Charles Koch

Brian Hooks
Chairman & CEO

A Letter From Our Founder Charles Koch & CEO Brian Hooks

We live in a period of unprecedented progress – economic, social, technological. But today, not everyone shares that progress. While many people are getting ahead, many others are being left behind. Read More

Tackling the Issues that Matter Most

See how the Stand Together community is uniting people to drive solutions forward on these issues:

The Principles of Empowerment

Certain principles have made societies more free and open throughout history, contributing to unprecedented progress. These principles guide all of our efforts. We stand for:

Empowering people to realize their unique potential. Everyone has a gift – let’s help them discover and develop it.

Equal rights and respecting the dignity of every person. Everyone has the potential to contribute in society if they have the right mindset and material support.

Openness to people, ideas, goods, and services. We all benefit when we embrace differences and expand inclusion.

People succeeding by helping others improve their lives. Let’s find win-win solutions that truly help every person rise.

Our Philanthropic Community

Tackling complex problems requires a comprehensive approach. Stand Together is the organization that serves as the backbone of these efforts. We work with partner organizations who take the lead on driving efforts within each key institution of society.

The Key Institutions of Society


Education is essential for helping people discover and develop their unique potential – and for generating the ideas that lead to a brighter future.

The Charles Koch Foundation is the primary organization in our community supporting K-12 and post-secondary education. This includes tens of thousands of K-12 teachers, over 1,000 professors at 300 universities, educators in the skilled trades, and more.


Businesses contribute to society when they serve customers, drive life-improving innovations, and empower employees to find fulfillment in their work.

Stand Together includes more than 700 of the country’s most successful business leaders and philanthropists, who employ over two million people. Together, we support efforts for business to be a force for good.


Strong and safe communities are springboards to success and safety nets when people fall on hard times.

Stand Together Foundation is the primary organization that leads our efforts to strengthen communities, which today includes support for more than 160 community-based organizations helping over 1 million people beat poverty. We are now on pace to partner with an additional 70 groups per year, going forward.


Government has a vital role in society—first and foremost securing equal rights and keeping people safe.

Americans for Prosperity is the premier organization in our community that advances policy reforms that help people improve their lives. Along with its affiliates The LIBRE Initiative and Concerned Veterans for America, Americans for Prosperity consists of millions of grassroots activists in all 50 states.