Who is Stand Together?

Stand Together is a philanthropic community. We help America’s boldest changemakers tackle the root causes of our country’s biggest problems.

Stand Together Philanthropic Community

The Stand Together community includes independent organizations that specialize in different issues and activities. These organizations partner with thousands of additional groups tackling our country’s biggest problems.

Stand Together is the backbone of our philanthropic community, offering an array of opportunities to help solve societal problems. That includes ways for business leaders and philanthropists to invest as partners in our efforts.

Are you a leader of a community-based nonprofit? Stand Together Foundation runs the Catalyst Program and offers grants and operational support to help you tackle poverty’s root causes.

Stand Together Trust provides funding and strategic capabilities to innovators, scholars, and social entrepreneurs to develop new and better ways to tackle America’s biggest problems. This includes a robust portfolio of partnerships in K-12 education, criminal justice, free speech and peace, and foreign policy, among others.

Are you a start-up founder? Stand Together Ventures Lab invests in early-stage businesses breaking barriers, from economic hurdles to criminal justice reentry to workforce development.

Stand Together Fellowships educational programs equip rising social entrepreneurs with the tools, mindsets, and professional network to accelerate their careers through a bottom-up approach to social change.

Stand Together Music unites musicians and their teams with proven changemakers to co-create solutions, starting with criminal justice, addiction recovery, education, free speech and peace, and ending the war on drugs.

Are you a professor, scholar, or innovator in higher education? The Charles Koch Foundation funds cutting-edge research and helps expand postsecondary educational options.

Are you a grassroots activist or community organizer? Americans for Prosperity provides training and support to drive lasting change on the most pressing public policy challenges.

Are you a veteran? Concerned Veterans for America helps former servicemembers make their voice heard on securing better health care, promoting a better foreign policy, and other pressing issues.

Are you an immigrant or descendant from Latin America? The LIBRE Initiative helps you promote economic opportunity, better health care, and immigration reform, among other issues.

Are you an education reformer or concerned parent? yes. every kid. supports and builds coalitions to transform K-12 education and empower all students to discover their unique potential.

Are you a K-12 educator? Empowered helps you develop curricula and classrooms that enable students to discover their gifts and best path in life.