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What is Stand Together?

We partner with independent organizations that specialize in different types of partnerships, issues, and institutions.

Here’s a short list of just some of the partners we support.

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Are you a business leader or philanthropist? Stand Together is the backbone of our philanthropic community, offering a wide array of opportunities to invest in solving societal problems.

Are you a leader of a community-based nonprofit? Stand Together Foundation runs the Catalyst Program and offers grant opportunities and operational support to help you address poverty’s root causes.

Are you a start-up founder? Stand Together Ventures Lab invests in early-stage businesses breaking barriers, from economic hurdles to criminal justice reentry to workforce development.

We partner with and seek to empower social entrepreneurs who share our vision of a society based on equal rights, mutual benefit, openness, and self-actualization.

Our educational programs equip rising social entrepreneurs with the tools, mindsets, and community they need to accelerate their careers and develop bottom-up solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

Are you a professor, scholar, or innovator in higher education? The Charles Koch Foundation funds cutting-edge research and helps expand postsecondary educational options.

Are you a grassroots activist or community organizer? Americans for Prosperity provides training and support to drive lasting change on the most pressing public policy challenges.

Are you a veteran? Concerned Veterans for America, a project of Americans for Prosperity, can help you make your voice heard on securing better health care, promoting a better foreign policy, and other pressing issues.

Are you an immigrant or descendant from Latin America? The LIBRE Initiative, a project of Americans for Prosperity, can help you promote economic opportunity, better health care, and immigration reform, among other issues.

Are you an education reformer or a concerned parent? yes. every kid. supports and builds coalitions to transform K-12 education and empower all students to discover their unique potential.

Are you a K-12 educator? Empowered helps you develop curricula and classrooms that enable your students to discover their gifts and best path in life.