A letter from our founder Charles Koch and CEO Brian Hooks

May 20, 2019

Greater your good.

That’s the promise made between us and our incredible partners who are dedicated to the betterment of themselves and others.

Together, our North Star is a world where people from all walks of life knock down barriers, so everyone can realize their unique potential and contribute to the lives of others. It’s a big goal that guides everything we do.

We know we can’t achieve it on our own.

And starting today, we’re excited to announce that our philanthropic community will now be known as Stand Together. This encompasses all of our efforts to improve education, business, communities, and government policy.

In many ways, this new name already expresses who we are.

Today, we stand together with the people leading over 140 community organizations fighting poverty, more than 700 of the country’s most effective business and philanthropic leaders, over 1,000 professors at 350 universities, tens of thousands of K-12 teachers, and millions of grassroots activists across the country who wake up every day to help people improve their lives.

But this new name also marks a new chapter—and a new call to action.

We live in a period of unprecedented progress—economic, social, technological—but not everyone has shared in that progress. While many people have gotten ahead, too many people are falling behind.

Our charge is clear: we must stand together to help every person rise.

This requires that we do much more—helping social entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness by orders of magnitude. It means living by the lessons we’ve learned from our own experience, from that of our partners, and from movements throughout history that have benefitted millions of people:

  • Empower those closest to the problems, to help solve them.
  • Progress comes when millions of people get engaged: bottom up, not top down. It’s the only way.
  • Unite with anyone, despite our differences, to unleash the potential in everyone.

We now believe, more than ever, that this growing and diverse community of partners can help bring about a better country for everybody. We invite anyone who shares our optimism for the future and our determination to help every person rise, to join us—to Stand Together.

Charles Koch

Brian Hooks
Chairman & CEO


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Principles for empowerment

At the core of Stand Together are principles that guide all of our efforts which have been proven throughout history to be essential for empowering people to realize their potential.

  • Equal rights and respect for the dignity of all people.
  • Every person has unique gifts and extraordinary potential.
  • People find fulfillment in their lives when they succeed by contributing to the lives of others, making life better all around.
  • The engine of progress is a culture of openness and inclusion that allows people from all walks of life to freely exchange ideas, goods, and services.
  • The people who are closest to a problem are often best able to solve it.

Tackling the issues that matter most

Stand Together applies these principles of empowerment to tackle the issues that have the biggest impact on people's lives. See how our community is helping to discover solutions and bring people together on these issues:

Our community

These issues are too big for any one group to tackle—and too complex for any one, simple fix.

Stand Together takes a comprehensive approach to each issue: supporting efforts to break barriers through education, business, communities, and government.

Our community does so by partnering with social entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are discovering new and better ways to tackle big problems in society. We help these social entrepreneurs grow their effectiveness, engage more partners, and make a difference on a national scale.

Here are some ways our community is supporting social entrepreneurs:


Education is essential for helping people discover and develop their unique potential—and for generating the ideas that lead to a brighter future.

The Charles Koch Foundation is the primary organization in our community supporting social entrepreneurs in both K-12 and post-secondary education. Among many other programs, the Charles Koch Foundation is enabling students to learn skilled trades, empowering more than 1,000 scholars at over 350 universities, and helping educators discover innovations that improve quality and lower costs.


Businesses contribute to society when they serve customers, drive life-improving innovations, and empower employees to find fulfillment in their work.

Stand Together includes more than 700 of the country’s most successful business leaders and philanthropists, who employ over two million people in total. Together, we support efforts for business to be a force for good.


Strong and safe communities are springboards to success and safety nets when people fall on hard times.

The Stand Together Foundation is the primary organization that leads our efforts to help strengthen communities by supporting 141 local groups that are enabling people to break the cycle of poverty. We identify organizations that are having an outsized impact addressing the root causes of persistent poverty, and we help them grow their effectiveness and scale.

Government policy

Government has a vital role in society—first and foremost securing equal rights and keeping people safe.

Americans for Prosperity is the premier organization in our community when it comes to advancing public policies that help people improve their lives. These efforts are uniting broad coalitions of people from all parties and of diverse viewpoints to break the barriers holding people back. Our community is engaging 3.2 million activists in 35 states to help people make their voices heard.

Greater your good.

If you’re a social entrepreneur looking to start a new venture or want to increase your impact and effectiveness, find out how we can help connect you with the necessary support and resources.

Get Support

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