Stand Together Ventures:

Exponential Transformation

We’re a community of transformative entrepreneurs and business leaders committed to helping every person rise.

As Stand Together Ventures partners, we use our time, talent, and resources to supercharge organizations who innovate and disrupt the status quo to give more people more tools to transform their lives and their communities:

An education that equips individuals to succeed in the 21st Century.
Opportunities to break cycles of poverty and find fulfilling work.
A society that lifts people up and brings them together to solve problems.

What we do

Stand Together Ventures partners take on some of the biggest challenges facing our society.

Broken education systems. Generational poverty. Hyperpolarism. Cronyism in government and business. All erect barriers to opportunity for millions of Americans. We break these barriers with three strategies:


Venture-Like Approach – We invest in the most promising new organizations, social entrepreneurs, and transformative initiatives, and connect them to one another to pursue innovative solutions to societal problems.


Exponential Possibility – Our unique community of entrepreneurs harnesses the power of our collective knowledge and experience in building and running businesses to 100x the impact of these organizations and their founders, to break the barriers holding people back.


Active Partnership – We gather regularly to learn from each other’s successes and challenges, to consider new ideas, and to work together to transform society into one of mutual benefit, where people succeed by creating value for others.

Who we support

As members of the Stand Together Ventures community, we support these organizations with our time, guidance, and resources to boost their trajectory and increase their chances of 100x, venture-like outcomes.

Who we are

As Stand Together Ventures members, we embrace personal, professional, and philanthropic transformation while supporting game-changing solutions that help people reach their full potential and transform their own lives.


The Stand Together Ventures community embraces openness and personal transformation. As Ventures partners, we embody Stand Together’s MBM® Guiding Principles and leverage our platforms and networks to amplify the work that Stand Together and its partner organizations do to break barriers across society.


As founders, entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, we know business plays an important role in society. So we advance Principled Entrepreneurship™ and Good Profit, while disrupting the status quo. We also utilize our businesses’ capabilities to advance the Stand Together community’s vision.


We use our private-sector experience to increase the effectiveness of the Stand Together community’s efforts to take on society’s greatest challenges. Through this, we find fulfillment in using our time and resources to drive transformation and venture-style returns in our philanthropy.