Kaley Jones

As a child, I was a competitive gymnast. After a back injury, I left gymnastics and I lost my purpose. I quickly spiraled into a place of desperate loneliness. I found solace in drugs and alcohol for a short time, but it quickly led to an addiction that ravaged my life.

In 2010, on my nineteenth birthday, as a product of an intervention I entered drug and alcohol treatment for nine months—forever changing the direction of my life.

Although I found sobriety fulfilling and actively pursued twelve step programs and my education, there was a missing link in my new life. I was introduced to The Phoenix, an innovative program helping people recover from addiction through fitness and the power of community. From that point on, I have had an unshakable foundation for my sobriety.

The Phoenix is twice as effective at helping people stay sober as the best treatment centers in the country. Since partnering with Stand Together, The Phoenix has almost doubled the number of people it serves. In the face of a devastating opioid crisis, we are on track to scale enormously and help hundreds of thousands rise, recover, and transform their lives.

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