Erica DeHaas

I love writing because I am inventing something. By piecing words together, I am literally showing the world something that they have never seen. But writing proved to be more difficult than I thought, and I would pick it up and then put it down.

After graduating from the University of North Texas, I began my career teaching at Premier High School, a credit recovery school for at-risk students. Through the Youth Entrepreneur (YE) program, I taught my students about business and entrepreneurship, supporting them as they pursued their passions. It was my students who truly ended up serving as inspiration to me, and they inspired me to finally publish my first novel. 

In 2017, I published The Journey That Lies Within, now available on Amazon. I also now own my own hand-crafted jewelry business and recently formed a partnership with a Mary Kay consultant by leveraging my networking skills gained from teaching the YE curriculum.

Teaching the YE program has taught me that I am responsible for making my entrepreneurial pursuits happen. I’m always encouraging my students to do more than what they’re doing now, so I felt like I had to do something more, too.

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