The National Microschooling Center Launches as a Resource Hub for Educators and Families

The Center supports transformative, individualized learning environments across the country

LAS VEGAS. (Aug. 24, 2022) The National Microschooling Center, a groundbreaking resource hub for microschools and families looking for alternative educational opportunities, launched today. With startup funding from Stand Together Trust, the Center offers a robust, diverse portfolio of resources and technical assistance to grow and support small learning environments across the country. 

For educational entrepreneurs, the Center provides a variety of trainings, a network of microschooling leaders to learn from and with, digital learning tools, one-on-one consultations, measurement and evaluation support, and continued guidance as microschools and their leaders develop.

Central to the National Microschooling Center’s work is policy analysis and advocacy. The Center offers microschool leaders the guidance to optimize their program within each state or jurisdiction’s different policy and regulatory landscapes. The Center advises policymakers on the value of microschooling and how to support microschools and families with enabling policy.

The Center also acts as a convener, connecting families looking for a microschool with current and launching microschool leaders and with other families in their community.

As families grapple with a changing education environment, many are searching for alternatives that offer more flexibility and individualized learning opportunities for students. Microschools are creating a transformative shift in teaching and learning, meeting each child where they are in their learning trajectory.

“Today’s microschools are created around the unique educational needs of each individual child, allowing them to deliver the powerful potential not possible in more traditional, institutional settings,” said Don Soifer, CEO of the National Microschooling Center. “This fact makes microschooling’s proliferation around the country about its transformative potential, and not the particular failings of whichever incumbent school systems they are leaving.”

More than two million children left the public school system between 2020 and 2022, joining a growing movement of students, families, and educational entrepreneurs who are creating and sustaining a truly innovative education marketplace. Since April 2020, Stand Together Trust partners have funded more than 1,700 new education ventures, serving more than five million students with individualized learning options like microschools.

“Stand Together Trust is excited to partner with the National Microschooling Center in transforming education for families across the country. Today, most education is centered around a standardized approach that disregards the individual learning styles, interests, and strengths of students,” says Derek Johnson, Executive Director of Stand Together Trust. “Every student is unique and deserves access to the educational options that they believe works best for them. Stand Together Trust is committed to helping families, learners, educators, and entrepreneurs expand innovative approaches to education alternatives that help all students thrive.”

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