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Join our community of philanthropists, business leaders, and leading advocates investing their time, talent, and treasure to help social entrepreneurs make a bigger difference.

Video: Hear directly from major philanthropic partners, interviewed at a recent Stand Together Summit, about the benefits of partnership
“By joining with others who are like-minded and who have shared values, we can leverage our time and resources in a truly effective way to really move the needle so much more than we can ever individually.”
– Bill Kimsey, former CEO of Ernst & Young

For philanthropic partners

We understand how difficult it is to know if your philanthropy is making a difference. As a result, we take a different approach. Stand Together brings the experience and principles of some of the most successful businesses to the challenge of addressing big societal problems.

Our community includes over 700 top business leaders and philanthropists who are committed to supporting innovative approaches that work. Working together, we:

  • Identify and vet social entrepreneurs with proven track records of success
  • Match your passions with the very best opportunities for you to make a difference
  • Steward your investments to bring about measurable results
  • Leverage your investments with a community of other top business leaders and philanthropists
  • Magnify your impact as part of a long-term, comprehensive approach across education, business, communities, and government
“It's an opportunity to take your own charitable desires and passions and amplify those.”
– Amy Rees Anderson, business leader and philanthropist

Tackle big challenges with a bottom-up approach

If we want to enable every person to rise, then every person needs to be part of the solution.

While many assume big problems require top-down approaches brought by experts from afar, real, sustainable progress comes when millions of people get engaged: bottom up, not top down. It’s the only way.

These bottom-up approaches start in pockets of the country but, taken together and nurtured, can blossom into nationwide movements. Click any of the following for stories to see what’s possible when we unite to make a greater difference together than any of us could on our own:

Complex social problems require comprehensive solutions

How do we know? See one more story of impact that shows what’s possible when we tackle a big problem from all angles.

Fight for Equal Justice for All

Use your voice for greater good

Join Deion Sanders, Mike Rowe, and other powerful voices who’ve partnered with our community to amplify their impact on causes they care about.

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“This community is genuine. There is nothing else like this.”

– Deion Sanders, NFL Hall Of Famer

Contributors from all walks of life

You don’t need to be a major philanthropist, business leader, or influencer to meaningfully contribute to helping people improve their lives. Be one of millions of Americans devoting their time, talent, and treasure to groups across our community and greater your good.SM

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