Grow My Nonprofit

The Stand Together community provides more than funding. Partnership opportunities include long-term growth support.

Your Vision, Your Mission

Your vision and mission is what makes you, you. When you partner with the Stand Together community, you can expect a partner who respects that fact. We view our role as helping you help more people, providing whatever capabilities are necessary for doing so.

Proven Track Record

Over the past 20+ years, thousands of nonprofits have partnered with the Stand Together community to grow their organization — and in the process, forged relationships with a community of changemakers who inspire one another to achieve more together than anyone could alone.

SCALE YOUR IMPACT with our capabilities including funding


You want growth and effectiveness. From funding to management training, data, operational support, marketing, and more, we’ve spent 20+ years building capabilities to help our partners scale their impact.

EXPAND YOUR REACH through our national network of partners


You want to expand your reach. We’ll help you find the right partners among our community of Fortune 50 CEOs, NFL legends, civil rights leaders, Grammy-winning musicians, and inspiring activists.

TRANSFORM YOUR RESULTS with our playbook of principles


You want results. We’ll work with you to learn and use the principles of human progress that have helped societies, businesses, and nonprofits transform their results, grow, and help people thrive.

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