Pictured Here: People beating addiction through fitness and community with The Phoenix


Stand Together empowers people dedicated to helping others improve their lives. We can all make a greater difference by uniting together than by acting on our own.

Kaleigh helps young people in poverty see their unique potential
Carrie's research discovers how to help people re-enter society out of prison
Antong is a former gang leader helping at-risk youth live free of violence
Michael supports students to access higher education and become lifelong learners
Kaley helps people recovering from addiction transform their lives
César unites people to remove barriers to opportunity through policy reforms

Help every

person rise.

Stand Together is a philanthropic community. We identify, vet, and create organizations that discover innovative ways to remove barriers in education, business, communities, and government so every person can rise. We partner with these groups by offering tools and resources to dramatically increase their effectiveness and scale.

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Explore the stories of how, uniting together, we can change the way our country tackles the biggest problems of our time.