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We provide a robust platform to help you dramatically increase your effectiveness and impact. Powered by partners across education, business, communities, and public advocacy, we offer a broad range of resources and support services.

John's program helps improve public safety and provide second chances
Bishop Omar unites communities to bridge their divides and solve problems
Erica is an innovative teacher unlocking her students' untapped potential
Scott helps people heal from addiction through fitness and community
Alice is a former prisoner working toward equal justice for all
Daron runs a farm that helps people rise out of persistent poverty

For K-12 educators, innovators, and families

Each child has individualized talents and learns in unique ways. Help all students realize their potential by getting support to transform your classroom, launch a new program, or discover disruptive educational models. The Stand Together community helps teachers, educational entrepreneurs, and families with a range of support services including:

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  • Curricula, materials, and tools to provide transformational education
  • Funding and operational support for innovative education models
  • Public policy improvements for increasing students’ access to diverse educational options

For scholars and post-secondary educators

The transformative potential of education inspires the Stand Together community to support innovative education programs and academic scholarship. Our community supports post-secondary education programs that include:

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  • Classes to help students discover their aptitudes, develop their skills, and learn how to apply them
  • Programs that help leading thinkers conduct research and explore key challenges facing society
  • Efforts that foster an environment of open inquiry and exploration on campus
  • Innovations that remove barriers and create opportunities for students to access education

For principled entrepreneurs

Help your business live up to its potential as a force for good in society by strengthening a culture of mutual benefit. Our community’s support for principled entrepreneurs includes:

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  • Resources and training to empower your team members and create more value for customers
  • Access to a network of like-minded business leaders who succeed by creating value for others
  • Investment capital for transformative companies seeking to expand their ability to help people improve their lives
  • Support to help end corporate welfare and cronyism in the business community

For community catalysts

The Stand Together community invests in local nonprofit organizations to help people rise out of poverty. Support for catalyst organizations include:

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  • Management consulting to improve operational effectiveness and scalability
  • Grants to help nonprofits grow their reach and effectiveness
  • Access to a community of social entrepreneurs from around the country
  • Help with marketing, communications, and storytelling

For public policy advocates

Join with us to break down policy barriers preventing people from realizing their potential. Our community’s policy engagement tools help magnify our activists’ voices to advocate for more effective public policy at the federal and state levels, including:

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  • Grants for policy organizations
  • Volunteer and activist organizing, recruitment, and training
  • Issue campaign communications and data capabilities
  • Community and coalition-building among diverse partners
  • Policy and government relations strategies